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Small old caravan - price?

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Racingsnake Mon 30-Mar-09 13:35:16

Not sure where to post this.

We want a tiny caravan, mainly to stand outside the house as a spare room, but also hopefully for the odd local weekend 'camping' trip.

We would like a caravan which is basically sound and water tight but no more - it doesn't have to look good inside or have any modcons.

How much should we think of paying?

sweetheart Mon 30-Mar-09 15:40:06

We brought a very old 4 berth a year or so ago and paid £450 for it.

Racingsnake Mon 30-Mar-09 21:47:23

That's the sort of price i was hoping for. Was it roadworthy?

skramble Mon 30-Mar-09 22:45:02

I was going to say you might pick up an old one for about £500.

You need to check the chassi underneath, make sure it is solid, you may have to replace wheels or tyres if it has lain for a while.

But most of all try and get one that is dry, watch out for signs and smells of damp. If it has leaks and damp it will be a bugger to sort out.

Older vans can be heavier to tow.

Racingsnake Mon 30-Mar-09 22:52:41

Damp again. Lots of warnings about damp. hmm

skramble Mon 30-Mar-09 23:09:46

Damp is the main problem you get in caravans, you can hold it off with large amounts of silicone sealer, but once you have leaks its always a pain.

You also get problems with condensation in older single skin vans, on the walls and under the mattress on solid panels, airing everyday is the only way to deal with it, keep windows open at the kitchen end when boiling kettles or cooking (watch don't blow out the gas).

Sorry I think I am on two threads here.

Racingsnake Tue 31-Mar-09 08:37:25

Yes, you are on two threads. In fact I put in the same question three times as I wasn't sure where knowledgable caravaneers would see it. grin Thank you for all your tips. I don't suppose anyone lives in Dorset/South Somerset and has a very cheap, rather primitive, definitely not damp caravan they would like to pass on?

sweetheart Tue 31-Mar-09 09:24:55

We brought ours from a caravan dealership - it had been traded in. I was happier buying from them as before we collected it they gave it a check over to make sure the gas was ok and it was safe. They gave us a certificate for the gas connections and also did a small repair that was necessary.

My mum made new curtains and cushion covers and my dh put some new carpet in and it was lovely.

Racingsnake Tue 31-Mar-09 13:10:06

Can I ask how much it was, Sweet heart?

sweetheart Tue 31-Mar-09 13:49:43


Racingsnake Tue 31-Mar-09 15:13:19

That sounds OK. And that was from a dealer. I thought it would be £££ from a dealer.

Ooops. Just realised you gave the price above. Short attention span. blush

sweetheart Tue 31-Mar-09 16:26:03

Not sure where your based but we got ours from Michael Jordan caravans - they are based just outside Guildford, Surrey.

Racingsnake Tue 31-Mar-09 18:45:18

In Dorset - a long way! Getting very excited about a caravan now.

MaggiTownley Mon 01-Jun-09 23:43:48

Hi Racingsnake,

I hope all is going well with you new caravan. I am actually currently searching for retro, classic and customised caravans to photograph for a coffee table photographic book. We are looking for people who have also used their caravans as spare rooms, Wendy Houses, offices, etc. and thought yours might be worth considering featuring. If this might be of interest or you know any other caravan owners who might be interested in having their vans included in this iconic book, please email me on

Many thanks,
Maggi Townley

fatjac Tue 02-Jun-09 16:14:00

We have been looking into this too. Thought it may make an interesting playhouse/gang hut for the children. Also useful for overnight guests.

Some of the older retro ones go for a lot of money.

mulranno Wed 03-Jun-09 19:13:30

racing snake...what spare room will you use it for...?...loads cheaper than those home office/garden room thing..!...can you hire caravans to tow?

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