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For those that have been to, and enjoyed, Lykia World.....................

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mckenzie Sat 28-Mar-09 19:50:11

where else have you been and enjoyed please that is similar?
We don't want to go to Lykia World again this year but we are struggling to find somewhere that has all of its plus points.


mckenzie Sat 28-Mar-09 21:04:56


mckenzie Sun 29-Mar-09 20:21:40

one more bump

couture1 Thu 23-Apr-09 13:22:42


mamamea Fri 24-Apr-09 10:25:38

We go to Hillside Beach Club Fethiye. I think it's similar, though haven't been to Lykia World. Hillside is more upmarket/expensive I think.

motheroftwoboys Fri 24-Apr-09 15:08:34

It you go to a good travel agent and get a pile of brochures you will be surprised how many similar places there are but they are never cheap. Have heard people recommend La Mange, Forte Village in Sardinia and Oceania club in Greece but all pricey. We loved Lykia World but too expensive for us atm. Have done Mark Warner a couple of times and loved that but the very, very best holidays have been cruises. I drool over all the brochures and cruise websites ...

choppychopster Fri 24-Apr-09 15:24:26

I've been to both Hillside Beach Club and Lykia World (a long time ago pre-kids as part of a work trip, not on my own holiday) and would say that Hillside is more upmarket, but that the children's facilities aren't as good as Lykia.

I've also been looking for Lykia alternatives with fab kids facilities for a three year old (DH being a grump about flight and transfer times). I am struggling to come up with anywhere that isn't even more expensive or a hellish "thomson superfamily" type place (I still shudder at the thought of being thrown in the pool by the kids on a daily basis and the torturous reps entertainment when I worked in one ten years ago!)

kylesmyloveheart Sat 25-Apr-09 00:42:04

oooh .. so excited we are off to Lykia World mid august. couldnt afford it last year. however, paid for it with my tesco points now so its a freebie. soo excited.

couture1 Sat 25-Apr-09 11:40:32

how many tesco points do you need for a holiday in Lykia world in mid August - I need to get saving, thats fantastic as its so expensive.

lisasimpson Sat 25-Apr-09 11:56:05

and who did you book it through kyles?

copycat Sat 25-Apr-09 12:47:57

Have been to Lykia World twice. Want to try the new one in Antalya but I don't think the Childrens Paradise is finished yet. We are going to the Rixos Premium in Belek this year which has a waterpark attached (but it's not particularly cheap). Otherwise look at Aqua Blu/Aqua Park Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh or either of the two Titanic Resorts in Hurghada Egypt. Cheaper options and great waterpark facilites and All Inclusive. A friend of mine is off to Lykia in May (second time) and she paid with her Tesco Clubcard points too. I shop in Sainsburys ... Hmmm the First Choice "Holiday Villages" are very popular as they have heaps of kids facilities - they have one in Sharm and also Turkey I think.

motheroftwoboys Sat 25-Apr-09 16:00:58

Someone please tell us all about how many Clubcard points you need. I have about £10 worth so not quite sure that will do the job [grin. Spend about £300 a month in Tesco so dread to think how much you need to spend to get a free holiday.

couture1 Sat 25-Apr-09 19:35:09

I phoned cosmo and they said I would need approx £1350 in tesco clubcard to be able to pay for lykia world in August! I have about £60.00 - will start to collect them now when Im shopping by always remembering my card, will take a while though :0

mamamea Sat 25-Apr-09 21:46:19

When you say £1350, is that £1350 of Clubcard vouchers or £1350 of deals vouchers. Because £1350 of Clubcard vouchers is £5400 and that's far, far too much.

kylesmyloveheart Sat 25-Apr-09 22:42:28

i booked mine with cosmos. it cost £3000 but its only me and ds 7.

its not as easy to get points now. when i was at the height of collecting the clubs would send you points for everything. they would send you 2000 points coupons (worth £80) and they would all work when buying a £1.52 pack of nappies. people were buying cars through motorpoint.

i get hardly any points now. i have about £1500 left and unless you are paying for the majority with points its not worth it. as you get no discounts at all. using mine on merlin passes and pizza express now.

kylesmyloveheart Sat 25-Apr-09 22:43:13

mamamea it would be £5400.

couture1 Sun 26-Apr-09 08:49:22

I was quoted over £5,500.00 for two weeks in August for a family of five, its more expensive than florida.

kylesmyloveheart Sun 26-Apr-09 23:01:11

i wanted to go last year and couldnt afford it. so booked it at the end of last summer when i got a really good price. mine was much cheaper as we dont come back till 5th and kids go back on 7th sept.

motheroftwoboys Tue 28-Apr-09 13:57:54

Who did you book through Kyles ...?
We are still wondering if we are going/if we can afford a holiday. Sadly our 2 x DS still want to come with. DS1 off to Uni in Sep. DS2 will be 17! DH thinks we should leave them at home. Would be much cheaper!

couture1 Wed 29-Apr-09 14:10:37

Mother of two boys - is it the kind of place you could go to and enjoy with no kids then?

Im going to look at going a bit later as I dont think my ds is back until around the 7th will need to check that with the school, Im tinking though that there is no availability at that time.

Tricloros Sat 06-Jun-09 22:53:26

We loved Lykiaworld, so are returning this year with all the cousins too - can't wait! We took this decision because we had such a great time, money-wise not opting for eurozone this year, and Sunsail aren't operating in Turkey this year so options were limited. In the past we've tried Mark Warner too - great childcare, shame about the hotel, and now they do less inclusive childcare for the ages we need it for, and the prices have gone silly - maybe if the standard of accommodation improved you wouldn't begrudge it so much. Tried Baron Palms in Sharm as well, great hotel, girls in childrens club were fun and gave the kids a good time, but sometimes club wouldn't open at the times advertised, and there was no sign in or out so lax security. Can anyone recommend hotels in Egypt with good childcare for kids aged 6m up?

motheroftwoboys Mon 08-Jun-09 16:24:31

Hi Couture - haven't looked at this chat for a while as have been busy booking hols. Eventually got a really good value cruise so we are all excited. I would certainly go to Lykia World with or without children. Waterpark is where most of the children gather - or the main pool. There are a couple of blissful adult only pools - and there were always sunbeds available on the beach.

ladybird4 Tue 10-Jan-12 15:16:17

We've been to Lykia World for three years on the trot now! As much as my 11year old DS loves it (football coach, football everyday, fantastic water park and at least 4 pools!) I would like a change! HOwever, I cannot find anything that matches LW in any respect - accomodation, fabulous food, beaches, numerous pools, top class entertainment (Chinese State Circus one night!) keep fit classes etc etc... So, can anyone suggest a good alternative for 2 adults and one 11year old for less than 3.5K in August? Have investigated the Hillside Beach resort but that came in at 4.4K!!! Thank you!

gregssausageroll Wed 24-Oct-12 20:33:24

Sorry to bump an old thread but can anyone tell me who to book Lykia World through. They have their own page but I want to compare package prices.

Sparklegeek Wed 24-Oct-12 22:00:12

I haven't been to Lykia World, but can highly highly recommend this hotel in Belek, Turkey. We have friends who've been to both & they prefer the Gloria. The kids' facilities were fab, food good, lovely accommodation & like someone else said above, fantastic evening shows. Unfortunately we can't get it for anything like we paid in 2009 but I do keep trying!

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