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Lykia World - Is it suitable for very young families

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couture1 Fri 27-Mar-09 22:45:47

Do they offer family rooms / apartments?

couture1 Sat 28-Mar-09 17:36:39


mckenzie Sat 28-Mar-09 19:48:50

hi couture1. The rooms that we have had, in the village not the hotel, had a bedroom with a king size bed and then a separate room with twin beds in. The 'wardrobe' area was separate and had plenty of drawers and hanging space.

kylesmyloveheart Sat 28-Mar-09 19:57:52

not sure sorry cant help.

i am going in august with ds 7 and cant with ds7. when are you thinking of going?

kylesmyloveheart Sat 28-Mar-09 19:59:43

whenever i want to ask anything about it i go on to the holiday truths website. lots of people on there go all the time.

best advise i got was make sure your room has a balcony/garden. there are some horrid rooms that are more like flats.

couture1 Sat 04-Jul-09 18:08:41

Are the rooms very tired looking with out of date decor, I read on one of the holiday truth sites that the rooms in the village are tiny and 25 years out of date.

Also, can you bring your own drinks and snacks in from the supermarket in Olu Deniz?

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