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whats the rules with sex toys on a plane???

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gamermommy Fri 27-Mar-09 10:12:52

going on a 2 week holiday in june to greece, whats the rules regarding sex toys on a plane??

My parents are coming with us and i would just be so blush if security pulled out our vibrator in front of my parents!!

any advice please

Simplysally Fri 27-Mar-09 10:26:58

Put it in the hold luggage or go without.

ComeOVeneer Fri 27-Mar-09 10:29:41

Interesting "first" post on MN there Gamermommy! hmm

snice Fri 27-Mar-09 10:32:17

In the overhead lockers until the seatbelt light go off I should think

Marthasmama Fri 27-Mar-09 10:33:44

I would probably not use them on the plane. Can you not wait or is it a long flight? wink

louii Fri 27-Mar-09 10:35:15

You going on hols with your parents and bringing sex toys, dear god can you not leave them at home for a fortnight!

DadInsteadofMum Fri 27-Mar-09 14:38:28

Provided they are not transmitting or receiving it would be the same as other electrical equipment - you can't use them whilst the seatbelt light is on.

davidla Fri 27-Mar-09 22:05:00

"You going on hols with your parents and bringing sex toys, dear god can you not leave them at home for a fortnight!
Agreed - just take the sex toys

Hobnobfanatic Fri 27-Mar-09 22:14:42

I worried about this recently with 'the bullet' vibe, which is, well... like a bullet. Security didn't stop me, thankfully - I was with a group of friends and would have never heard the end of it!

eltham Sun 29-Mar-09 12:29:40

well...15 years ago I flew within the UK..packed the vibe in my hold luggage, checked it in, something must have beeped on their screens (I have no idea where these are located once it disappears through that curtain)...bag got pulled off and both me and incriminating luggage (very large holdall) were taken into a screened off area. Very nice woman started asking if I had anything electrical in which point I thought the worse thing I could do was to look shame-faced about it. So, I looked her straight in the eye, and with a huge smile said 'only my vibrator' - at which point we both burst out laughing..and I was released. Not sure I'd have the gall these days but I'm sure alot of people take them. Put it near the top where - if it looks suspicious - they can easily access it and not rifle through all your knickers assuming you're taking them). Can see the problem with the parents, mind. We need someone in the know...

JaneSmith71 Mon 29-Nov-10 21:09:04

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

AnyFuleKno Mon 29-Nov-10 21:11:48

the rule is: don't switch it on until the plane has reached cruising height and the seatbelt lights have been switched off.

AnyFuleKno Mon 29-Nov-10 21:12:51

argh you all got there first envy

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