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First time car hire with 3 month old dd in italy - any advice?

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waitinggirl Thu 26-Mar-09 22:00:26


we are off to italy in a couple of weeks and i need to hire a car... our motto for car hire has always been: smallest and cheapest. alas now with dd that isn't possible anymore.

does anyone have any tips/types of car/advice for us? also, any websites whic are better value than others?

many thanks

sundew Thu 26-Mar-09 22:02:10

A few years ago we used Hertz who were fine and reasonable value. We went for a mid range Peugoet 306 sort of standard. Just make sure you take a car seat - I never trust the ones they give you.

HolyGuacamole Thu 26-Mar-09 22:05:26

Travelsupermarket lets you compare lots of different companies t find the best price. Don't have kids but we once hired a Punto Grande and it was reasonably roomy.

PS: Within a couple of hours you will find yourself driving like an Italian wink


DONALD66 Mon 29-Jun-09 04:33:26

I was suggested by my friend to book air tickets from Beijing to Shanghai through China flight. I found it very helpful, because the prices they offered are much lower than other websites.

fruitstick Mon 29-Jun-09 07:39:59

I secind taking your own car seat. When we went to spain we discovered they only did forward facing ones and assured us these were suitable for our 4 month old hmm.

It was fine but I was a nervous wreck everytime we got in the car and had to sit in the back and make sure his head was supported when he fell asleep.

EldonAve Mon 29-Jun-09 07:45:20

definitely take your own car seat

MadameCastafiore Mon 29-Jun-09 08:14:01

Take your own car seat - they are shit when it cones to supplying (for money) good quality safe car seats!

Try and get a car that you are comfortable with - we get a passat because we drive a VW here and just need a larger one on hols for luggage.

It depends on where you are driving but in Rome the drivers are mad, if you are driving say from Naples to the Amalfi Coast - DON'T - get a taxi and stay put once you get there - the roads are treacherous and even DH who is used to driving there was terrified.

If you are driving in the north say from Bologna airport the roads are big and fine and there aren't the death drops which locals and buses take at high speed with no thoughts for poor old Johnny Tourist in his rented Punto (like in the south!)

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