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Planning London day out for 3.5 year old - any top recommendations gratefully received!

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scoobysnax Mon 14-Apr-03 10:19:05

I am planning a day trip to London for my 3.5 year old and would love to hear what other people enjoyed doing in London with young children. The aquarium has been suggested to me which sounds like a good idea?

SamboM Mon 14-Apr-03 10:48:57

Yes, the Aquarium is great. So is the zoo in Battersea Park. Any Syon House has the butterfly house and an adventure playground (and a shop selling tropical fish, so kind of an aquarium)

lardy Mon 14-Apr-03 11:18:53

The aquarium is good. You could combine it with the London Eye and then walk along the river to Gabriel's Wharf which has some nice craft shops and cafes, and then down to the globe, then over the bridge to Tate modern! How about that for a packed day out?

Crunchie Mon 14-Apr-03 12:12:32

I love the playground in Kensington Palace Gardens. It is the one that was dedicated to Princess Diana. It is a great place if the weather is nice, with sand, water climbing frames a huge Pirate boat etc. And it's free, but the food is expensive, take a picnic.

NQWWW Mon 14-Apr-03 14:12:04

The Natural History Museum is great too, altho the dinosaurs can be a bit scary.

EmmaTMG Mon 14-Apr-03 14:20:42

We took DS1 to London Zoo for his 1st birthday (He's nearly 4 now) and although he was still too young to really enjoy it we all had a brilliant day and will be going again this year for DS2 2nd birthday, hopefully the difference in age will make it more fun for the boys.

verona Mon 14-Apr-03 14:24:25

I'd definitely recommend the Transport Museum in Covent Garden. Costs £5.95 for adults but children under 16 free. Took my DS there for 2nd b/day and we were there for about 3 hours. He had a fabulous time.

scoobysnax Tue 15-Apr-03 08:38:59

Thanks for all these great ideas! Especially for the ones with fish!

nerdgirl Thu 17-Apr-03 10:41:56

My 3 year old completely adores the Science Museum. Particularly the basement with 'the Garden' and all the hands on stuff. He loves the water play area and the grain moving machine.

grommit Thu 17-Apr-03 11:51:26

agree with nerdgirl - the Science Museum is excellent - especially the basement 'hands on' area for young kids. Also - it is free to get in and there is a large indoor picnic area if the weather is bad. London Zoo is also a nice day out.

Twink Thu 17-Apr-03 12:25:38

Excellent, I've just had the 'can we go to London again ?' chant so that gives me some more ideas.

Went on the London Eye yesterday and they were having an Easter lucky-dip type thing. As a result I've got a voucher for 2 free tickets into Madame Tussauds & the Planetarium which I can't use. It's valid for after 2pm entrance only and has to be used by 30th June. Any takers ? I'll even stump up the postage (big deal !) as it seems a shame to let it go to waste.

bells2 Thu 17-Apr-03 13:12:10

Twink, I would love those for my brother and his son who are coming over from Australia in June. Shall I email you via Tech?. Thx very much!.

Twink Thu 17-Apr-03 16:50:49

Of course Bells, glad you can use them.

judetheobscure Thu 17-Apr-03 18:38:14

My two hated the Aquarium (sorry to be a killjoy). It was too dark and the noises were too scary - they couldn't wait to get out so that was a bit of a waste of money (not cheap either). They loved St. James's Park; nothing particularly special about it it has to be said, but lots of ducks etc., the flamingos, nice playground, loved running along the paths.

Anyone taken young children (7, 5 and 3) to the Tower of London? Did they enjoy it?

miriamw Thu 17-Apr-03 20:24:34

London Transport Museum also wins my wote - they have an area inside where you can eat your own packed lunch which is unusual in my experience. You could do that and the Aquarium in a day.

Wherever you go, if there is more than one adult it would be worth getting a train ticket and making use of the "2 for 1plus" offers - if you show a valid rail ticket (and mine was just a travelcard) you can get 2 adults in for the price of one. The offers include Tower of London (usually £11.50 each), London dungeon, London Aquarium, HMS Belfast, Vinopolis, Transport Musuem, Kensington Palace, Cabinet War Rooms, and City Cruises as well as some others. At worst a London BR terminus will have a brochure, and you cn always buy the cheapest ticket available - it would still save money.

HannahForever Fri 10-Jun-11 13:32:09

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Lizcat Fri 10-Jun-11 14:01:00

At that age DD just used to love a transport fest. We would get the overground train from Richmond to Waterloo, walk to the London eye (she cried the only time we took her on) look at big ben and the houses of parliament, ride the carousel. Then we cross the golden jubliee to westminster pier get the boat to St katherine's wharf walk round to the tower just look at that from the outside having walked past traitors gate. We would get the bus to Piccadily riding on the top past the Old Bailey and St Pauls's. Finally the underground back to Richmond. She said it was the best day ever no charge for her on any public transport, a travel card for each of us plus £3 on the boat.
Not long after that they did Transport at nursery and DD was so proud to be the only one that had been on all the different types of transport.

Conflugenglugen Fri 10-Jun-11 14:05:02

The Science Museum - always a favourite with my DSS.

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