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2yr old 1st flight

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alicemama Mon 18-Apr-05 09:01:27

Off to Majorca on saturday with my 2yr dd. we've never taken her abroad before and I'm very nervous about her reaction to the flight. We've had to book her her own seat as she's 2. I'm sure the take off is going to scare and upset her but I won't be able to pick her up to comfort her til we're up.
I've trying to explain to her that we'll be going really fast which she gets quite excited about but shes only 2 and be scared when the time comes.

Any advice please!

JoolsToo Mon 18-Apr-05 09:09:42

tbh - I think once you're sat on the plane it'll just be like being on a bus or something to her. Everyone is different but we went with a 2 year old and he didn't bat an eyelid!

crunchie Mon 18-Apr-05 09:16:49

Don't imagine she will be scared, if you are scared she will pick this up. DH and I have taken our kids when dd2 was 2 and dd1 was 4 and they loved it. I get really excited by flying and taking off - particularly on a nice day. This in turn infected my kids and they loved it. DH was white in the corner trying to hide it. We also have a little ritual where we all HAVE to hold hands and say 'I Love you' Just in case my dh says (then again he is not a happy flyer)

At least she'll be in nappies which is easier than trying to go to the loo. Once they ahve found airline loos, it is amazing how many times in a 2 hour flight they need to go

Blu Mon 18-Apr-05 09:20:27

Sit her by the window, and get her to hold her bear/doll up to look out as you take off. Give her a drink in a beaker to suck to help with her ears popping. She'll be absolutely fine, especially if you stop worrying about it!

Frizbe Mon 18-Apr-05 09:33:51

She'll love it, I found yog coated raisens releive the boredom of waiting around to take off, with a drink ready for take off as well, dd had never flown before a few weeks ago (17mths) she managed a 10 hr flight, a 1 hr flight, a 3.5 hr flight and an 7.5hr flight back home! all fine, no probs (bar a 15min whinge on way back) she now looks at the sky excitedly and notices every plane that goes by with a big smile, excited pointy finger and a wave!

mandajane2004 Sun 24-Apr-05 13:17:27

Glad i looked here...I am taking my ds for a 3hour ish flight to malta...luckily my parents are coming to so im not alone.I thought about the drink idea rather than sucking sweets.Any other ideas are greatly appreciated like keeping him amused for 3 hours???

Chandra Sun 24-Apr-05 13:22:11

If she still uses a bottle, give it to her when the plain starts running for take off, it will save her some ear pain if she is likely to have it, do the same for landing. Regarding being scared at the take off.... it's not that you are going in a 4 spaces-airplain, is it? I don't think she will notice.

Pinotmum Sun 24-Apr-05 13:36:22

I've flown many times with my 2 (now aged 4.6 yo and 2.6 yo) and neither have been scared on ake off or landing. Dd was a little scared of turbulence but was easily reasured. I found sticker books were great to keep them amused as pens and paper keep falling on the floor and you just can't reach them. We're off to Ibiza next weekend and as ds is just potty trained he will experience the loos for the first time

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