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Cruise .... WOuld you do it

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crystaltips Sun 17-Apr-05 20:39:44

DH is suggesting a cruise and has sold the idea to the kids. I'm not sure and would like some pointers. Not too sure if I want to have too much organised for me .... I am a bit odd and like my own company on holiday...

any ideas please ?

Frizbe Sun 17-Apr-05 20:43:31

brother and sister in law have just come back from one and loved it, couldn't get their son out of the kids clubs, he cried when they closed! so if you want time with your dh, they're fab apparently (they went with Norwegian Cruise lines) they did say that one port looks much like another tho, and there are only so many sarong shops you can look at! (Carribean Cruise!)

redsky Mon 18-Apr-05 13:03:58

love love love cruising. Just returned from Norwegian cruise line one that went from Houston to Cozumel, Honduras, Belize then Cancun and back to Houston. Kids Clubs on board are great fun for kiddies. Adults can be either totally uninvolved in ship's activities - suits my dh - but there's loads of stuff I can do if I want to. We've been on three now and have LOVED them all. Our kids are aged 17 and 12 - but don't let that put you off - loads of families take much younger kiddies.

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