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long w/e for me and the kids, seaside, 3hrs max from London?

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bossykate Fri 15-Apr-05 23:12:17

hello everyone

the title says it all really! i would be grateful for ideas for a long w/e for myself and the kids and possibly a friend with child(ren) in June. i would like to be walking distance from a sandy beach and maximum 3hrs travel time from London. open mind as to hotel or self catering - but if hotel must have interconnecting rooms and babysitting.

thanks in advance

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Apr-05 23:14:24

Isle of wight

Loads to do and sandy beaches

bossykate Fri 15-Apr-05 23:43:25

thanks RTKM, IoW is a great suggestion

delighted to hear more ideas of course

JanH Fri 15-Apr-05 23:44:39


hatsoff Fri 15-Apr-05 23:46:53

Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. totally gorgeous, stunning beach

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Apr-05 23:47:18

If you do go to IofW go for southern side like shanklin or sandown better beaches than Ryde side

Although it is so small it doesn't really matter where

Frizbe Fri 15-Apr-05 23:48:04

How's about norfolk, loads of Sandy beaches up on the coast there? hemsby
We popped there for a day, when I was preggers with dd, (we were boating at the time and my parents popped down for the day, so dad thought a drive over to the coast was in order!) have to say I quite like the look of the place, it had one main street with arcades/shops on it, but in a quaint way, kinda 60's/70's seaside still, not full of booze n idiots, if you get my drift! plus huge sandy beaches and outstanding broadlands close by! I'd give it a go for the weekend, has anyone else been?

sparklymieow Fri 15-Apr-05 23:48:31

I went to Skegness last week, about 2 1/2 hours from here (herts) and they had lovely sandy beaches ther, was shocked that they had sand!!!

bossykate Fri 15-Apr-05 23:48:41

thank you, ladies

great minds, as my preconceived thought was in fact bournemouth and surrounds - any ideas where to stay?

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Apr-05 23:49:02

KatieMac is in Norfolk so may have ideas of hotels etc.

bossykate Fri 15-Apr-05 23:50:03

wonderful, more ideas while i was posting, thank you so much

JanH Fri 15-Apr-05 23:50:38

DH took the DSs camping down there last summer, bk, but can't remember where he liked the best - could it have been Boscombe??? (He is asleep now, will ask in morning but wherever it was had a lovely beach )

JanH Fri 15-Apr-05 23:52:30

Yep, could have been Boscombe!

bossykate Sat 16-Apr-05 11:26:27

thanks for all the ideas so far, please keep them coming

WideWebWitch Sat 16-Apr-05 11:30:24

Lulworth Cove? This looks nice but I haven't been there

Frizbe Sat 16-Apr-05 11:31:08

Christchurch is nice and not far from Bournemouth, also Muddiford is close, it has a lovely sandy beach. New forest nearby also!

Enid Sat 16-Apr-05 11:33:57

lulworth is so, so nice and you are near Burton Bradstock then (lovely shingle beach = fossil possibilities; gorgeous fish cafe on beach)

Enid Sat 16-Apr-05 11:36:11

that hotel looks good www and delighted to hear that there is a new cafe on the cove

cod Sat 16-Apr-05 11:36:28

Message withdrawn

Enid Sat 16-Apr-05 11:40:24

have been hoping you'd catch me

you have missed many Enid/cafe related comments over the last few days

cod Sat 16-Apr-05 11:42:25

Message withdrawn

Enid Sat 16-Apr-05 11:44:30

very nice, had ham and some sort of artichoke ciabatta thing. The cakes looked good too. Oh and I had a smoothie and an 8 cup cafetiere coffee - shared between just me and one other didnt sleep until 2am!

moody woman behind till though with mad headscarfe

cod Sat 16-Apr-05 11:45:14

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sat 16-Apr-05 11:46:07

Where's Fisherton Mill? Is it in Fisherton St (she asked, stupidly)?

Enid Sat 16-Apr-05 11:48:04

the crafts were grim (apart from tea towels)

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