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Cheap Holiday for lone parents - Tiredemma

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chloemummy Fri 15-Apr-05 16:13:38

Hi Tiredemma and anyone else who has any ideas. I want to go abroad for a week to ten days.... Wonder if you had any ideas...

This is a biggie as most tour operators charge two adult prices for me and my 4 year old... What I have done in the past is book easyjet/ryannair then hotel separately...

I dont want to go to butlins or the like in the uk. I also do not have a car so I cant really go to campsites as I cannot get there unless of course anyone knows one near to an airport were a cheap airline flies.

Hope you mumsnetters can help.

tiredemma Fri 15-Apr-05 16:19:43

i can do accom only quite cheap (obviously depending on time of year) if you get your own low- cost airline seats. where are you looking to go? we have some cheap HB offers for majorca.

chloemummy Wed 20-Apr-05 12:25:23

Hi Tiredemma, what I usually do is book a flight with easyjet and then book direct with the mirlos/tordos in Palma Nova. It is 52.07 euros per night based on two adults sharing. Not sure if I can afford this this year but dont know anywhere else which has childcare which is important so I get a break. How cheap are the hb offers? I was thinking of going in June sometime as July is getting a bit hot. My dd starts school in september so maybe the last time I can go away.

tiredemma Thu 21-Apr-05 10:17:41

ill have a look today for you and post it on here tomorrow x

chloemummy Thu 21-Apr-05 14:39:38

thank you very much

Aimsmum Thu 21-Apr-05 14:43:37

Message withdrawn

chloemummy Thu 21-Apr-05 15:35:38

Hi Tiredemma, I am not restricted to Mallorca... I dont mind turkey, greece, spain.... Just need something affordable with childcare if poss. Anything you come up with will be appreciated.

chloemummy Fri 29-Apr-05 14:41:38

Hi Tiredemma did you manage to find anything?

tiredemma Fri 29-Apr-05 15:02:18

sorry, i have stuff at work for you. can i put it on here tomorrow night? im off today. the prices are accom only- did you want flights aswell??

chloemummy Thu 05-May-05 15:59:43

Yes I wanted a package for a week in June anyway really depending on price. I realise will have to pay adult price for my 4 yr old. You were saying there was some cheap all inclusive deals.

tiredemma Fri 06-May-05 14:08:32

can you let me know which airport is better for you to fly from? silly me should of asked before.

chloemummy Fri 06-May-05 15:42:04

London Stanstead is my nearest as I live in East London. Thank you tiredemma.

I have found one deal to Corfu, self catering for £164 whichis not bad staying in Sidari? Do you know this place? It is a week in June

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