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New York - bargain breaks

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MandM Fri 15-Apr-05 10:40:15

I'm planning a short trip (3-5 nights) to New York for dh's 30th at the end of May. Probably going to be best to actually go mid-June. Had a look around the usual websites and prices all seem to be pretty much the same.
Does anyone know of any bargain deals or websites that offer good prices (it might be a big birthday but I'm still a bargain hunter!)? I don't mind whether I get flights and accommodation separately or book as a package.
All suggestions gratefully received!

batters Fri 15-Apr-05 10:54:42


We went to NY recently - it was fab.

Booked plane tickets direct from American Airlines. They were by far the cheapest - I paid about £200 including taxes etc for a return flight for an adult. I looked them up via the website.

We had a hotel recommendation and got a very good suite at the Embassy Hilton for around £160 a night.

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