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Need a "keep a 17mth old busy on looong haul flight" toy.

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Kiwicath Fri 15-Apr-05 09:50:40

Have posted this on the "products" section as well. The title says it all. Moving from Egypt back to New Zealand in June with me 6.5 months preg and a DS who will be 17 months. I'm looking for an activity toy that is smallish, quietish, few or no bits that can roll under seats/down isles etc, something that will take him 24 hours ish to work out or at least get tired of. I don't ask for much do I . Any other tips you could give me re flying with big tum and very curious 17 month old would be much appreciated. Cheers.

colditz Fri 15-Apr-05 10:26:36

Very large, square beads to thread onto a string?

a "forbidden" item? (remote control, tin opener)

Colouring book and chalks?

Small cars to brum over surroundings and other passengers?


Dolls house chest of drawers, hide raisins in the drawers and let him find them.

Waswondering Fri 15-Apr-05 10:32:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Waswondering Fri 15-Apr-05 10:33:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lapsedrunner Fri 15-Apr-05 13:24:20

Not a specific toy, but a tip that I have used on several flights is wrap up a number of small toys and produce one every so often (i.e. when you are desperate!). The novelty of unwrapping the "present" helps pass the time.

suzywong Fri 15-Apr-05 13:27:32

gosh is it that long ago you were on MN passing the time while your first child was born, I remember chatting to you then.. and another one on the way... blimey.

Ummm.... is your dh going with you?

They do indeed like to play with the aircraft and they also like to bang the seats in front of them and run up and down the aisles. Who are you flying with? Hopefully a steward/ess will take pity on you and wander around with your boy to give you a break.

Good luck with the move back home.

Chandra Fri 15-Apr-05 13:31:53

Second LapsedR. A string of new toys produced one at a time may keep it busy. I try to avoid toys that roll because... they roll away never to be seen again. In the past I have got one of those little boards that have a plastic pencil attached to it (I think they work with a magnet), a cars magazine (the star of the trip), some stickers that can be reused, a car, his 2 favourite books, and his teddy. It may seem like a lot but they all easily fit in the baby bag and carrying the extra weight is worth it if that gives you some hours of peace.

SoupDragon Fri 15-Apr-05 13:33:41

Lots of little presents rather than one big one.
Seat back TVs are invaluable!!
Resign yourself to a lot of walking up and down the plane

SoupDragon Fri 15-Apr-05 13:35:17

Click on the link at the top - take the family - they have a "prepare" section that might have some tips.

MrsDoolittle Fri 15-Apr-05 13:38:22

Kiwicath, I shall be following this thread with interest. We'll be taking a 16 month old with us to NZ in August. A child seat was just too expensive so she's on our knee the whole way!

Papillon Fri 15-Apr-05 13:41:33

Baby homeopathic sleeping tablets... really good Cath... we used them for baby paps when home recently. Brilliant. Brand I used was Omida

Sticker are good. UAE flights give them out free and dd loved them.

Kiwicath Fri 15-Apr-05 18:37:14

Thank you all so so much - some cracking tips here. Suzywong, TELL ME ABOUT IT!! It really does seem like yesterday that I was preparing for #1. Travelling with Singapore Air as Emirates had the overnight in Dubai then a straight 17-18 hours to Christchurch. Simply couldn't bare that long. Travelling with DH who will be an absolute star I'm sure. Paying for tickets the week after next so will ask for all the bells/whistles and free bees then. Cheers again XX.

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