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Vaccinations/Malaria tabs for Turkey?

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desperatehousewife Thu 14-Apr-05 17:29:15

Some web sites say you need it some don't mention it...some say depends on where you are going and at what time of year...anyone know which it is?

I'm guessing not needed or there woulnd't be any doubt...but thought i'd check.

albert Thu 14-Apr-05 17:34:56

I went there a few times when I worked for the World Health Organisation and I never had any vaccinations - I only went to Ankara though!

Laylasmum Thu 14-Apr-05 18:09:21

This website will tell you what you need to know. for turkey you need basic vaccinations like typhoid and tetanus etc if your not up to date. you shouldn't need malaria tabs unless you're going to eastern border areas HTHThis is the website

desperatehousewife Thu 14-Apr-05 19:24:07

fantastic - thanks for that. We aren't going anywhere near Eastern borders - we're going to be an hour from Dalaman!

Stupid question but will a toddler have the appropriate vaccinations needed? (he had all the usual ones as a baby - he's now nearly 3)?

Laylasmum Thu 14-Apr-05 22:49:56

Sorry to come in again late but its recommended that he should have the extras ie; hep a vaccine.

desperatehousewife Fri 15-Apr-05 08:32:33

Thanks Laylasmum,

Will get straight onto my doc. Appreciate advice - i assumed we woulnd't need anything...ooops

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