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Suggestions needed please for a short beark at Easter for the DCs and me.

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mckenzie Fri 27-Feb-09 12:03:05

DH can't take any time off work at Easter so my plans for us all to go skiing have been squashed. I'm more than happy to go away by myself with the DCs (7 year old DS and 4 year old DD) but think skiing will have to wait for when DH can come.
I am toying with Eurocamps but not sure about the weather and also as it is not full season the facilities are limited.
I would be very happy to stay in the UK if there was enough to do even in rubbish weather.
We are out doors people, love to get our wellies and wooly hats on (or at least i am and the DCs will have to do as they are told smile).
Money isn't too much of an object as I had budgeted for skiing and that is now not going to happen but I dont want to spend unnecessarily (I looked at Club la Santa, Lanzarote for a week but flights were over £500 each because of Easter)

Any suggestions please? Very gratefully recieved.


ps. DH is happy for us to go away without him, in case anyone thinks we're being unfair leaving him. He's got lots on at work that he'll crack on with while we are away.

rainrain Sat 28-Feb-09 09:27:36

Centre Parcs? You can get 3 nights in a lodge for around £500 and lots to do there.... never been though so can't vouch for it. We're trying it this easter!

titferbrains Sat 28-Feb-09 23:42:05

my hubby is a short beark but I love him anyway grin sorry am a bit pissed wink

titferbrains Sat 28-Feb-09 23:42:08

my hubby is a short beark but I love him anyway grin sorry am a bit pissed wink

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