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First holiday with 8mo - what do I need?!

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WibblyPigRocks Mon 23-Feb-09 17:44:46

In just a few weeks, DH and I are going to Fuerteventura with 8mo DS. He is still BF, but obviously eating the usual solids (apart from diary as he has an allergy).

I realise this is a vague question - but what do I need to take with me that I wouldn't have taken on previous holidays?

I hope this question comes across less dim than it's sounding in my head!!

Riponite Mon 23-Feb-09 19:45:30

Blanket that he likes, lots of mopping up cloths, muslins, whatever you use, we use terry nappies for everything, something for heat rash, Calpol and decent sunblock, couple of plastic bags, spoon, bib and little tupperware thing for carting food around in. I reckon that would cover it.

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