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Menorca - S'Algar. Anyone been?

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ja9 Tue 12-Apr-05 23:13:37

I've seen a really good deal for this resort in early June. Has anyone been? I've read most of the old 'Menorca' threads but seen little mention of S'algar. ANy general info welcomed.

Specific queries..
- is it easy to travel to other villages / resorts ie is the public transport good?
- there is lack of good beach in s'algar, so dod you travel to a different one or stay at the pool?

What about supermarkets / restaurants? Are they relatively inexpensive?

Other option is to pay an extra £100 and go to Cala Galdana...but i've heard ypou cant go wrong with menorca ( or so a fellow mumsnetter said!)

ja9 Wed 13-Apr-05 09:12:10


Goldfish Wed 13-Apr-05 12:59:12

We booked a teletext holiday a few years ago to Menorca. We got it really cheap as we weren't originally told which resort we were going to. We were then told we were going to S'Algar then 2 days before our holiday they changed it to Cala Galdana. I don't know a lot about S'Algar but I have heard there is not so much there for families, it is mainly golfing and watersports although I'm sure there was a lido there. Cala Galdana was lovely though. It has a beautiful bay and the sea is nice and shallow. The whole place is really pretty. We spoke to people who had come over from other resorts as they said Cala Galdana was the nicest.

ja9 Wed 13-Apr-05 14:52:13

Thanks goldfish. Decided on a different resort anyway, altho' we're just looking for sun and a pool so i think we'll be happy wherever!

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