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Package holiday transfer question

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MrsGuyOfGisbourne Thu 19-Feb-09 18:48:21

Hi - booked a packaged holiday and got conf thru today. To my surprise, it says at the bottom of the email - 'no transfer included'
Very peculiar, because no mention on this on the online booking form, or option to choose one, tho' there were options re insurance and sitting together on the flight (tour company's on airline). Don't have a paper brochure, so can't tell if it would have been mentioned there.
Isn't this strange - or am I foolish to assume there the compnay would provide, or at least offer some mechanism of getting to the hotel from the aiport (90km)when it is a normal package?Have emailed their customer serviceas, but if anyone has encountered this or has any insight would be very grateful to hear.

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 19-Feb-09 18:50:29

have never heard of a package holiday with no transfer.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Thu 19-Feb-09 18:56:32

Thx - have looked back at the print-out of the booking I did - all completely normal and all details the same as their email, except that specific exclusion in their email. Will see what they say when they email me back...

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