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Sharm-el-Sheikh - is it bearable?

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MrsGuyOfGisbourne Mon 16-Feb-09 19:19:10

Looking at the Hotel Coral Red Sea - sounds lovely, but I seem to remember Sharm being a bit of a tip whne I was their 18 years ago - any advice greatfully received...

AnyFucker Mon 16-Feb-09 19:21:02


don't force yourself love wink

some people would give their right arm for a holiday like that

CuriousSquid Mon 16-Feb-09 19:23:10

i think its safe to say things will have changed since you last went

friends have just come back and had mixed opinions

and even giving my right arm we still can't afford to go away

sunandmoon Tue 17-Feb-09 18:18:19

We are divers and have been 3 times over the last 3 years. We stay in a rental flat closer to Old Sharm rather than where all the hotels are. Sharm is very hot from June till September. The sea is always warm. If you are not a diver, the snorkelling is wonderful too! It is all made for tourists so it is very different from the rest of Egypt, you don't get hassled by people. I also heard that Dahab is a great destination... One thing you have to remember is the sunshine is always present!!! We enjoy our holidays over there and we used to be backpackers in the past. Book it and have fun!

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Wed 18-Feb-09 19:21:42

S&M - many thanks - have booked Dahab!

Podrick Wed 18-Feb-09 19:26:52

Is it bearable? What on earth do you mean?! A "bit of a tip" in what way?

sunandmoon Thu 19-Feb-09 07:04:15

Have fun in Dahab, lucky you!!!!

janmoomoo Fri 20-Feb-09 14:22:32

Dahab is great. The snorkelling is the best.

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