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salcombe in june with a 1yr old and his grandparents, any tips?

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alibo Mon 11-Apr-05 13:55:39

would welcombe any advice from anyone who knows the salcombe area, eg child friendly places to eat, visit etc. thanks in advance!

alibo Tue 12-Apr-05 19:43:26

bumpity bump, there must be some mumsnetters in south devon!!??

bensmum3 Tue 12-Apr-05 20:39:44

Hi , I don't know it very well, my brother used to live at East Prawle, not that far away. The coastal footpath is lovely if you have good weather and a backpack to carry little one in. There are some nice pubs for bar meals, sorry can't remember any names. If the weather is grotty, there is a theme park near Totnes, called woodlands (ball pools,animal farm etc) and another ? sorley tunnel nearer kingsbridge, but I've not been to that one.
If the weather is good you have lovely beaches around salcombe and you can take a little ferry across the bay. Gara rock is one of my favourite places, also has a nice hotel that used to do good food (not been for 10 yrs). I hope someone else will be able to help a bit more !

alibo Tue 12-Apr-05 20:49:00

thanks bensmum3, will keep woodlands in mind, as the english weather can be unpredictable, even in lovely devon!

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