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Cannot believe Ryanair (again)

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drivinmecrazy Mon 09-Feb-09 21:44:49

i have just been onto their site to find prices for flights to Mums in spain over easter. as usual when just checking prices I only click for one adult flying, because i prefer to see how much i am paying per person. Anyway, it came up with a really cheap out-going flight (free with taxes added) so though great, i'll book. So put in i wanted 3 adults and 2 kids. Could not believe it when the prices came up as full price tickets.
Does this mean i will have to book adults on seperate bookings?
Still will piss me off as 1 adult will have to be booked with the children so will pay full fare.
Can anyone explain??

Mummyfor3 Mon 09-Feb-09 21:49:24

No, I cannot explain - I am not sure I understandhmm?

Could you not just book everybody as an adult if that is cheaper? I know that Ryanair do not care if you do this, as long as children obviously do not tavel unaccompanied. I regulary book DC as adults as I book flights for whole family on way out, but seperate flight for DH and me, and them coming back as my parents return them, IYKWIM. Does this make sense to you?

Or are you talking about an infanct who HAS to travel on an adult's lap?

drivinmecrazy Mon 09-Feb-09 21:58:23

Not sure if i do understand. Won't it block the booking when i put in DOBs?
Why can't we get free flight price for 5 seats if I try to do it under one booking?
I would love to fly with another airline but none of the others fly Stansted (15 mins away) to Murcia (1/2 hour at other end).
i would fly with another airline but Alicante is hours away from mums.

squeaver Mon 09-Feb-09 22:09:06

The way low-cost (actually most these days) airlines work is that they have what they call "buckets" of seats at different prices.

So on one flight they might have a "bucket" of 20 seats at £10; 30 seats at £50 and 100 seats at £100.

As they sell out of one bucket of seats, the price automatically moves up to the next bucket.

So you've looked and the 19th flight at £10 is available. Then you've tried to book for 3 flights but there are no more £10 seats available and they've offered you 3 seats from the next bucket.

So there's not necessarily any guarantee that you would be able to book individual flights. It's not a discrimination against you having children, it's just the number of seats you're booking.

It's crap, I know but hope this helps explain things.

Mummyfor3 Mon 09-Feb-09 22:10:52

DMC, bugger, I did not consider you need to fly to Spain, hence passport nos etc. I am not sure what would happen.
Squeaver sounds like she known what she is talking about, though...

dizzyTHETARTANARMYdixies Mon 09-Feb-09 22:14:53

my main annoyance (I have many) is when booking tickets on their deals and then pop in for DD3 who is an infant and she costs more than the adult fares even though she's going to be sitting on my knee hmm can I not book her a seat instead so we have extra space, at the reduced price and still have her on my knee for take off and landing?

am right there with you on the mucho hatred for RYANAIR, we need flights to Girona and they're once again the nearest airports either end

squeaver Mon 09-Feb-09 22:19:30

Yes, dizzy, you should just book her a seat. I used to do that.

slushymummy Mon 09-Feb-09 22:40:12

I wondered that too dizzy. We fly frequently with Ryanair and DD2 (5mths) ALWAYS costs much more than us, infact she cost more than the other 3 of us put together last time !! Will they let you on the plane if you book an infant in a child seat ???? Any insiders around ??

squeaver Mon 09-Feb-09 22:43:10

Of course they'll let you on the plane. There's no LAW saying you can't book a seat for your infant. The only law is that under 2 they have to sit on your lap for take off and landing.

I booked my dd as a child after she turned one - she's a tall girl and there just wasn't the room for her.

Mummyfor3 Mon 09-Feb-09 22:43:17

Yes, they will let you on. Infant will still have to sit on you lap, though. Airlines are NOT flexible on this: I once had to wrestle with v independent DS2 who was 2 days shy of his 2nd birthday to have him sit on my lap for take-off and landing. He almost punched my lights out grin!

wotzy Mon 09-Feb-09 22:51:46

You can book two seats and use one for take off and landing with child on lap.

Hersetta Tue 10-Feb-09 12:06:08

DMC - we're in the same boat. I live not even 10 mins from Stansted and my Mum lives 25 mins from Murcia airport. I hate flying with Ryanair with a passion but they are they only choice from Stansted. Their infant charges have gone up horrifically since my DD was born 17 months ago. When we first took her when she was 10 weeks old it cost £7 each way, now it is £19 each way for her.

I didn't realize I could book her a seat though and just sit on my lap for take off and landing. We've been lucky so far and also got an extra seat as no one wants to sit next to a baby. Am dreading my next trip (next friday) as DD is fully mobile and won't sit still for more than 5 mins and I am travelling by myself.

We're not going for Easter this year as we've had terrible weather the last 3 easters so have decided to go another time (and the flights will be cheaper hopefully).

wotzy Tue 10-Feb-09 12:59:16

One thing about Ryanair vs Easyjet is the Easyjet still allows 20 kg per hold luggage. Rayanir is only 15 kg.

If you book a seat for a child under 2, you'll should also get the allowance.

I have looked at Ryanair's T&C;s: webpage here in Children and infants section.
No baby/car seats are allowed in the cabin of the aircraft. No extra seats may be booked for infants.

Mine are older now so things have changed since they were little. However if I were booking and infant over 8 months old for instance, I'd book a child fare/seat to ensure they safe and could be strapped in incase or turbulance.

Now they are older, all have our seat belts fastened unless its loo time or time to get off.

piratecat Tue 10-Feb-09 13:07:42

yes baggage allowence is totally unrealistic.

lots of us with mum's near Alicante!!! They prob all frequent the same Chinese restaurants!

wotzy Tue 10-Feb-09 13:28:17

Yes I have family near Alicante too, further north past Javea.

piratecat Tue 10-Feb-09 14:31:27

Isn't Javea supposed to lovely, had a mate once who use to holiday there. my family live nearer to Guadamar.

wotzy Tue 10-Feb-09 14:41:42

Javea is nice but not in peak August when you can't get a place on the beach. All the Spanish desert it and head for quieter beaches further along. Gandia beach near Valencia is worth a google and a RL visit.

slushymummy Tue 10-Feb-09 19:21:05

Mummyfor3, I know what you mean !! We had to endure exactly the same thing with DD1 who was 2 the day after the flight. Not sure how much they thought she was going to grow or change overnight, but I didn't notice any changes !! She is the strongest, most free-willed 2yr old girl I've ever met, and I was 8mths pregnant to top it all off !!!!! Guess whose knee she insistedon sitting on ! The aircrew felt so sorry for us that they allowed her to take her belt off and get off my knee as soon as they were allowed to remove theirs.

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