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any tips for cheap eurotunnel?

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daisy1999 Fri 08-Apr-05 19:10:19

where is the cheapest place to book eurotunnel for car and 4 passengers? I am looking for returning 5 days after leaving.

fairydust Fri 08-Apr-05 21:00:13

your best to ring them direct - and ask if they have any advance tickets (use to be called Apex)basically these are non amedable non refundable tickets so you most travel on the time and date stated on the tickets - but they can save you buckets.

sorry havn't got the number to hand it's packed away ready to move.

sievehead Fri 08-Apr-05 22:26:05

just go to - you should get a good price for a 5 day return. Alternatively, try who are really cheap, only 50 minutes from Dover to Boulogne.

Maudy Fri 08-Apr-05 22:31:31

Also try P&O who are doing a summer deal. We got a crossing for 4 and a car return for £96. I compared with Eurotunnel which was well over £200, Also tried Speed Ferries but they were fully booked on the days we wanted, I think they get booked up very quick as they are so cheap.

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