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Should I pay full fare for a 9 year old?

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artyjoe Fri 08-Apr-05 16:36:40

I'm having no luck trying to get a holiday that we can afford...certainly not online anyway!

I would like to take my partner, baby, and 9 year old step daughter away for a week (or more) in August, but nearly everywhere I've looked doesn't take into account that I have a 9 year old, all the all inclusive packages I've looked at have her as full rate!

I'm convinced I can go abroad cheaper than Centreparcs (£1094) I being naieve? I'd ideally like half board as SDD's fussiness over food will be a nightmare if self catering. I'm also looking to do the same for 2006 and don't seem to be getting any early booking discounts either

Any ideas or advice or should I just book centreparcs and get it over with?

Chuffed Fri 08-Apr-05 16:52:40

have you looked at

it seems to join all the holiday companies together

foxinsocks Fri 08-Apr-05 17:27:18

if you're set on centreparcs, why don't you book one of the ones abroad? There's one on the Belgium border (with Holland) that I thought looked quite nice - I nearly booked it myself as it was far cheaper than the ones here even when I took into account the travel - and you get to see another country as well.

artyjoe Fri 08-Apr-05 22:11:47

I'm not set on centreparcs at all, I'd much prefer to go to the sun..but just can't seem to do it without paying full price for my 9 year old! I've just spent another evening on the internet searching and the cheapest for 2 adults and 9year old and 6 month old is £1395 for I out of date or does that seem expensive?

jofeb04 Sat 09-Apr-05 11:34:05

Have a look on teletxt holidays. They have some cheap prices for a family. Ive never booked one, but my dh went to cyprus for half the price as other holiday makers when he was 20.

Chandra Sat 09-Apr-05 11:41:41 for very unexpensive accomodation in 3-5* hotels

Nine years old go free if they are sharing parents bedroom (oer... thanks!), but the discount in flights it's really neglegible. Though better to do it now, when the baby pays only 10% aprox.

bubblerock Sat 09-Apr-05 12:06:54

Hi artyjoe - just had a quick look, I used to be a travel agent and actually enjoy looking for holiday deals haven't got a hope in hell of going myself this year so may aswell look for everyone else

What airport do you want to fly from?
Found this one from Luton £630 - might just be within the school hols. I would recommend though that before you book anywhere have a look on there are loads of honest reviews on there.

Aparthotel Esmeraldas
Costa Brava, Tossa de Mar.
30 Aug 2005, London - Luton
2 adults.
1 child.
1 infant.
07 nights, Self catering
BASIC COST £255.00 X2 £510.00
1ST CHILD PRICE £109.00 X1 £109.00
SAVING -£85.00 X2 -£170.00
OCCUPANCY SUPPS £63.00 X2 £126.00
FUEL SUPPLEMENT £15.00 X3 £45.00
Total Holiday Price £630.00

Price here does not include insurance.

If I find anything decent I'll post

artyjoe Sat 09-Apr-05 13:05:22

Thanks for your replies, some great ideas and I've set aside time tomorrow to go through the teletext ones online.

Thanks Bubblerock! I'd actually prefer to fly out of Gatwick, although Heathrow would be a dream come true as I live on the flightpath!

I suppose in an ideal world I'd like to have a private bedroom seperate to the 9 year old for obvious reasons...she needs her privacy

Aimsmum Sat 09-Apr-05 13:08:01

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Sat 09-Apr-05 13:08:45

Message withdrawn

JanH Sat 09-Apr-05 13:17:41

See if you can attract tiredemma's attention, artyjoe - she is a travel agent. (Don't know if she posts on weekends though, you might have to wave at her on Monday). See this thread

tiredemma Mon 11-Apr-05 15:23:20

hi, we have kids prices for all inclusives.
im not at work till weds though.

let me know your dates/requirements , etc and i will have a look at work for you x

artyjoe Mon 11-Apr-05 15:59:21

hi tiredemma, thanks for offering your time on this.

2 adults, 1 x 9 year old 1 x 7 month old.
Can travel from 14th August but must be back by 27th August.

Need the sun, preferably half board or all inclusive, child friendly a must as is swimming pool, Gatwick or Heathrow (pref Heathrow). We have a budget of £1000, but will need exactly the same kind of holiday in a 2006 and will have a budget of £1500!

Any help, advice, would be great.

thanks again - Joe

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