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URGENT! Should i book return flight from Portugal morning or evening?

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monkeychops Thu 07-Apr-05 14:50:49

DH is booking flights for portugal and there is a choice of 11.20 am or 6.10pm return. DS is approaching one year. Will he sleep on plane if we get later flight (arriving back in house by 10.30pm ) and pop him straight to bed? We are flying out t portugal at 4.30pm so are lsing our 1st day, so i want to maximise our week's stay. what does anyone advise?

yoyo Thu 07-Apr-05 14:53:23

Do you have to vacate your room/house/whatever at a certain time?

There may be delays too..

Fennel Thu 07-Apr-05 14:55:05

it depends how near the airport you live in the UK. we always choose evening flights but live 5 minutes from the airport - for us, the children are more likely to sleep or at least be calm on the flight. and flights tend to be quieter, more chance of spare seats etc.

Mum2Ela Thu 07-Apr-05 14:55:24

Yep, evening flight. Can spend just a bit of time on the plane putting his sleepsuit / pj's on (drag it out, like 15 mins), have a bit of food, should then sleep. Thats what I would do.

We are going to Cyprus in May and our flight out is at 7pm, getting into Larnaca at 1.40am their time.

monkeychops Thu 07-Apr-05 14:55:58

No yoyo, in laws have a house there so no difficulties there

Chandra Thu 07-Apr-05 14:58:42

I would take that decision based on hotel check out times, but if you don't have the problem I'll come back in the latest flight. Your child will be sooo tired that you will be able to put on his pijams, change nappy without waking him up.

monkeychops Thu 07-Apr-05 15:00:16

Yes fennel and mum2ela that sounds like the more relaxing choice. rather than flying during lunch time nap that he will most likely skip. thanks

yoyo Thu 07-Apr-05 15:00:59

I'd go for the evening flight then but only because you get more time in the sun! Babies are so unpredictable I wouldn't think it would matter that much.

monkeychops Thu 07-Apr-05 15:07:15

Exactly yoyo. have managed to convince dh and he is booking flights now. CAN'T WAIT!!
On a different note i almost always make ds's food and freeze it. whats the best/most convenient food to travel with? he has 8 teeth already so doeasn't need smooth purees.

Mum2Ela Thu 07-Apr-05 15:13:05

Banana, avocado, little postage stamp szie sandwiches, raisins, y'know, picnic food.

Chandra Thu 07-Apr-05 15:16:37

biscuits, carrots, apples, mini sandwiches and anyother thing that doesn't run and can get washed out succesfully (BTW most airlines don't provide food for toddlers even if it's long haul flight), pack enough for any delays and use a thermal lunchbox to keep things fresh.
Also get an extra change of clothes for you and your child. I thought it was too much to do that until DS bathed me in vomit just at the beginning of the flight.
At that age DS had a soft apron form IKEA that was sort of a long vest. I used to left it on for all the trip and it really helped to keep him clean and "presentable" to meet the family.

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