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Vila Vita Parc - Any insights?

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Staffy Wed 02-May-01 20:11:16

OK Mumsnet Works! Based on the Top Ten list we've just booked a week for us and our (will then be) 21 month old son at Vila Vita Parc for early September.
Anyone been and can give us any useful tips?
e.g. how easy is the babysitting to get - or else we're trapped in out room after 7.30 pm?
Can you buy nappies anywhere?
We've actually provisionally booked into a suite in the Oasis Parc, but would we be better in the main Residence hotel (e.g. would a baby monitor work between hotel rooms and the hotel restaurants?)
Very interested to hear your views.Thanks.

emmaij Wed 12-Jun-02 11:46:48

Staffy (or anyone!) - Can you answer your own questions for me. Planning to go later in the year and need some more advice.

what was it like?

best rooms - family suite in Oasis parc or suite in main hotel. Just don't want babe sleeping in the same room.


advice re creche

anything else that might be worth mentioning

big thank you.

charliesmummy Thu 13-Jun-02 00:39:33

Well you can wait for my full and frank report which I will file week beginning 8th of July!. Another friend has just returned and said that it was absolutely fab. Parents sitting aroung with monitors everywhere. I am told that monitors work between rooms and the poolside bar/food area. Very child friendly - babsitting is about 10 euros an hour now is that £6.00 I don't know, which you can book when you get there, but book the creche when you book the holiday as it gets very full, I think that it will work out to about £70 for 4 days for afternoons only 2.00pm until 6pm.

emmaij Thu 13-Jun-02 08:55:41

Thank you charlie's mummy. You have a lovely, lovely time. I am pleased you got the villa - that sounds perfect.

Sounds like this holiday will be a well deserved break/rest. I did notice that one of your messages came in very early in the morning. I thought you might have been clubbing all night, but decided that it was more likely that you did shift work!

Look forward to the report.

Look forward to the

charliesmummy Fri 14-Jun-02 01:48:51

God no I am far too old for clubbin', we called it going to a disco, and the last time I went to one of those I danced to Yaz and The Plastic Population - scary!. No I am on shift tonight and for the remainder of the week.

So as you can imagine Villa Vita will be a lovely break, and I intend to take full use of it, even if dh cannot get out due to his work!, in fact I am going to go on line and try an book some treatments in anticipation!.


CAM Fri 14-Jun-02 09:32:45

oh you're never too old for dancing, sorry clubbing, at a disco (I'm old too). After a break from all that stuff for several years, (young child,etc) we went to a well-known nightclub in Brighton after escaping from my dh's work dinner a few months ago. We chucked ourselves around the dancefloor and probably looked ridiculous but didn't care because we really enjoyed it. Mind you, I wouldn't consider doing more than about once a year now!

charliesmummy Sat 15-Jun-02 01:54:08

LOL. Actually you have just reminded me of a private party last year in a Village Hall, 6 months after giving birth so I let rip a bit, and well basically danced like a hooker and broke my wedge sandals (Russelnbromley - took them back and they replaced them - result. So you are right. I cannot handle the hangovers nowadays - are they worse now?, 18 vodkas on my 18th - no hangover, 2 bottles of wine now and I am shakin'mess!. Hey ho - still I persevere .....

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