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Gower Peninsula cottages?

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unicorn Wed 06-Apr-05 15:54:22

me again - still on the hunt for a holiday we can afford.

Dh wants to know if any of you dear people can recommend a fab cottage in this area for August hols?

<dh is finally beginning to realise the usefulness of MN!>


bluesky Wed 06-Apr-05 16:34:04

The only one I know of is the cottage with the National Trust.

Other than that can't recommend any others, LOVE Gower though.

lapsedrunner Wed 06-Apr-05 19:57:55


hatsoff Wed 06-Apr-05 20:28:20

gower is one of my favourite places on earth. Don;t know of any cottages but you could maybe consider one of the static caravans at Hill End. I have to admit that although I've always thought it would be amazing with kids if the weather was good, I've chickened out so far as the thought of caravan, kids and rain does NOT appeal. but maybe you're braver than me? You can get pretty big caravans btw and you are as good as on the beach. sigh, spent many happy weekends there pre-children, surfing, drinking beer, flying kites, and generally mucking about.

hatsoff Wed 06-Apr-05 20:30:44

Hill End, Llangenith: 01792 386204

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