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Fort Mahon - Belle Dune - Anyone been?

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hotpotmama Sat 24-Jan-09 21:25:20

What did you think of it?

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 25-Jan-09 07:02:58

Message withdrawn

Portofino Sun 25-Jan-09 07:58:13

Is that thr P&V place. My sister went for a week and had a fab time. My experience of P&V is that the accommodation is a bit basic though.

hotpotmama Sun 25-Jan-09 21:20:38

Yes it is a P&V. Been to one a few years ago in La Baule and it was ok. I can get this one thru tesco vouchers and its not too far to drive to. The indoor pool looks good. Just wondered if there's enough to do in the area.

We would probably go for the house for 5/6 to give us more space and 2 bedrooms (Got 3 DS, 6,4 and 9mths)

Thanks for that portofino, and for bumping Knickers!

fortyandfab Mon 02-Feb-09 15:18:16

I'm a big fan of P&V. It's true the accommodaion is not luxurious but the facilities are usually good. Have stayed in Belle Dune several times, twice wih friends in adjoining houses and they have been back again also. The indoor pool is fabulous - the wave machine is really good but it might be a bit scary for the little ones. My older DC's loved it and find other "so called" waterparks in the UK just don't measure up.
I'd definitely get a house. We've stayed on the golf course and on the lake. There are pro's and con's to both. With a walking toddler there is nothing to stop them wandering out the french doors to the golf course but on the lakeside, which had an enclosed deck, I seem to remember lots of dummies/toys etc getting lobbed into the lake, copying the older children feeding bread to the ducks!!
Beaches around are lovely and unspoilt. Also, if you can bring bikes it is a safe pedestrian zone for children to ride around.

OllieWollieWoo Tue 03-Feb-09 19:14:26

We stayed for a few days at Belle Dune a couple of years ago. We asked for a house away from the lake (had a 6 month and a 2 year old and didnt want the stress of being near water!) and got one with a small back garden that wasn't really private ie no hedge or fence from next doors but it was fine. Remember the sofa being a bit uncomfortable - one of those wooden ones with a straight back.

Agree with forty and fab re swimming pool. We also liked the little farm park and childrens play area. We hired bikes from the site to go for a potter around.

Beach nearby was lovley. The resort (whose name escapes me) has a main street with restaurants and cafes and the usual touristy shops. We luved visiting Le Touquet nearby too. Hope that helps.

Othersideofthechannel Tue 03-Feb-09 22:05:21

It's between Quend and Fort Mahon Plage.

Inland from that bit of coast there is a maize maze every year and a forest.

hotpotmama Wed 20-May-09 22:38:06

belated thanks all, only just seen the other posts, we are going on saturday, hope it stops raining!

LIZS Wed 17-Jun-09 08:13:52

hotpotmama, did it live up to the reputation ? Considering for a summer holiday.

LIZS Mon 20-Jul-09 11:13:30

Can anyone explain the differences in accommodation please ? No 2 beds available for the end of the time we wanted so either we go earlier in a 2 bed or take a 1 bed for longer. I gather the 1 beds may be higher spec and in a different area of the resort(La Plage ?) but would we(2+2) all have to sleep in one room in twins/bunks or are the bunks on a mezzanine ?

hotpotmama Mon 17-Aug-09 22:48:29

Sorry Lizs only just seen your question. Probably too late now.

It was fab, we had a great time, the pool and the biking being the best bits.

The accomodation was ok but a bit on the small side. We booked a house for 7/8 and there were 4 of us plus a baby and it was ok but wouldn't havbe liked 7 people in there! Fine tho, would recommend it. Especially in the summer as the outdoor pool bit is open too.

Supermarket is rubbish tho as its very expensive, so avoid it unless you are desperate!

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