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Is it worth stopping in Paris for one night?

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Maudy Fri 01-Apr-05 15:41:09

On our journey down to the SW of France we have decided to stop off at various different locations on route. I was thinking about stopping in Paris for the first night but wasn't sure if it was worth it. I have never been to Paris and am not sure that one day would be long enough but I don't want to stay for any longer.

Also, I wondered if anyone knew of any child friendly hotels in Paris as city hotels tend to be a bit snooty.

cupcakes Fri 01-Apr-05 16:46:44

For my birthday this year we flew to Paris and back in one day as a 'treat' (I hesitate to say treat as it was with two children...). Paris was lovely, it was just the travelling which was a pain but if you're going to be there anyway...
We hardly used any public transport, just did loads of walking (had the pushchair and buggyboard). I would say it was definitely worth it and we had a really lovely day. There are plenty of parks you can pause at to let them have a run around although they are quite formal and there aren't as many swings and things as you would find in a UK park (that I found, please correct if wrong!). Or you could take them on a boat trip which we planned but run out of time.
Sorry, can't help with hotels though!

sorrel Fri 01-Apr-05 17:04:21

Hi maudy, just returned from Paris and was amazed by numbers of children everywhere. it was really heartening. I think Paris has a great deal to offer kids. I have a book on my lap which lists all the stuff to do in Paris and the rest of France with children. I picked it up while I was there. it is in Frnech , so you will have to bear with me as I translate quite slowly.
Obvious popular attraction would be the Eiffel Tower (depends on age of kids)
The hotel they suggest nearby (7th district )is Hotel Le Pavillion. Only 2 star , but it has 2 chambres familial( family rooms) at about 90euros
It says it used to be a convent and was converted to a hotel. Has 18 rooms only Also says rooms 10 and 14 have extra large bathrooms.
Tel:01-45-51-42-87. 54 rue Saint -Dominique 75007

i have just also done research into finding a place for my sister and BIL and 3 kids to the south of paris off the A10 which you can have if you like

cod Fri 01-Apr-05 17:05:34

Message withdrawn

cod Fri 01-Apr-05 17:06:17

Message withdrawn

Maudy Fri 01-Apr-05 17:11:04

Sabres which is about an hour south of Bordeaux. We are meeting up with 2 other familes both with 2 kids each...should be alot of fun!

If anyone can recommend places to stay along the way that would be great. I think we travel along hte A10 pretty much the whole way so Sorrel, I would like that place if you don't mind being the travel agent again. Thanks for the other one, I'll look it up.

Thanks to you too cupcakes that gives me some hope!

cod Fri 01-Apr-05 17:11:46

Message withdrawn

Maudy Fri 01-Apr-05 17:17:59

The owners have said it will take 9 hours from Calais to the house but that is with out stopping. We are going to take a week to get there but 2 days to get back - fun!

How was Royan? Did you camp or gite it?

sorrel Fri 01-Apr-05 17:35:52

No probs, can't do links so will just give you the web addresses.
They are driving from charles de GAULLE and think they want to get round Paris and away to the south. the first place i have found is near Etampes at Fontaine La Riviere and is called Auberge de Courpain.( has a heated pool restaurant and family rooms)find it at:

Also found a couple of Chambres D'Hote near Orleans at
exact site of the first one is
and the details of the second are:
les Vieux Guays
tel:02 38 36 03 76
the have a family room for 4 at i think about 150 euros. looks quite glam but they must be used to kids.

cod Fri 01-Apr-05 17:42:52

Message withdrawn

sorrel Fri 01-Apr-05 17:44:27

whereabouts where you at Royan ? we have afamily place near there.

cod Fri 01-Apr-05 17:45:20

Message withdrawn

sorrel Fri 01-Apr-05 18:27:32

Know it well.we are a bit further down at St.Palais.I like the beach at la palmyre tho'. used to take a BBQ on to the beach there for the sunset.( and a few bottles of rose)

lapsedrunner Fri 01-Apr-05 18:43:23

For a chain type hotel near motorway can recommend Etap, otherwise look for Chamre D'Hotes on

ggglimpopo Fri 01-Apr-05 19:08:24

Message withdrawn

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