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MrsS99 Fri 01-Apr-05 15:18:55

Can anybody out there recommend a holiday (not Centreparcs) where there is the opportunity for lots of child friendly cycling(2 dd's aged 8 and 11)? I live in london and am terrified to take the children out on roads, nearest good cycling is Richmond Park but fed up with having to start off by car to go on a bike ride.

bensmum3 Sun 03-Apr-05 09:14:39

There are lots of places that use old canal routes as cycle ways now, down in cornwall there is a huge length of cycle way, I think its the camel way, there are several campsites on the route and I'm sure there must be B&B's and holiday cottages/hotels as well.

MrsS99 Sun 03-Apr-05 21:35:37

Thanks a lot for your reply Bensmum3 I will go and do some research on that on the web.,Really helpful.

pootlepod Sun 03-Apr-05 21:36:44

If you wanted to go abroad then Denmark is an EXCELLENT place for cycling and kids in general. Camping is superb.

FairyMum Sun 03-Apr-05 21:39:06

We go to Denmark too and Holland is also great for cycling!

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