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Has anyone taken a baby to Sharm El Sheik

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estob Thu 31-Mar-05 17:52:13

I have seen what looks like an amazing holiday to Sharm El heik but I am worried about taking my little girl who will be six months old at the time. She has very fair skin and red hair and I am worried about the heat being too much as the holiday is in June. Does anyone have any advice, comments or recommendations?

My husband and I have always been keen travellers and cannot face the idea of a box standard family holiday so any recommendations would be much appreciated.

posyhairdresser Thu 31-Mar-05 17:57:39

I have just got back from Sharm!
The hotels are mainly 5* or similar so it kind of is a standard family holiday IME! There will be aircon in the rooms and I think your dd will be just fine - keep her under a parasol & use v high factor suncream. There were quite a few fair babies when I went & they were fine although June will be a bit hotter.

Chuffed Mon 04-Apr-05 11:59:32

dd is fair and we had 10 days at a beach on the other side of the red sea with no problems. dd was 5 months old at the time. We took jars of food and a travel kettle for boiling bottled water for rinsing her water cup and spoons etc.
Use bottled water that has a sodium level less than 15mg/l water.

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