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disneyland paris

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lilyplant Mon 12-Jan-09 12:56:54


need advice on trip to disneyland with 1 adult 2 children aged 5 and 3 1/2

need advice on method of transport, don't drive, scared of flying. need cheapest possible option. went on dsineyland website, got quote for hotel package, clicked on add transportation, then clicked on train, tried several times but each time it said nothing matched what i wanted so coldn't get cost of train

i believe one child travels free at the moment

also need to get from home to london or wherever,

minimm length of stay to see everything, not bothered about studio park, thinking probably only phantasyland and main street USA, althogh will probably want to eat at cafe mickey so also need to leave time to get to disney village, at this age probably too young for lots of rides

also how much money to take, how much for meals, drinks etc as well as spending money, are attractions included in entrance cost, hoping to just do 3 day trip if can all be done in 3 days

are there unisex toilets there for families, as parent opposite sex to children?

thanks, sorry so long!

Sunshine78 Mon 12-Jan-09 13:19:57

Took mine last year - dc 4 and 18months - 18 months child could go on most of the rides in the disney park and loved them all! We went for 2 nights we got to do everything apart from studio. Would get euro star which is direct to resort (one which is not direct you have to change which we did and was a nightmare with children) Also stay on site as then when you arrive/leave they take luggage from station to hotel and back again. Plus get to go into park earlier than it opens so can get on rides before queues start.

Cant remember about toilets - but am sure there will be disabled ones.

You can hire buggies at the resort at little cost if you dont want to drag one there - my ds 4 was reluctant to use it at first but was soon jumping in it.

As for how much money depends on how much stuff you can carry back and how mad you feel you will go in shops!

Hope you have a great time

lilyplant Mon 12-Jan-09 13:54:41

will try not to buy too so much stuff just want to take enough to ensure don't starve, wondering how much food the average meal costs

lilyplant Mon 12-Jan-09 20:53:30


lottiejenkins Tue 13-Jan-09 08:51:18

We went over Christmas........dont rule out the studio park altogether as that is where a lot of the characters go to have photos taken! We saw Cruella, the blue one from Monsters Inc, Chip, Dale, Clarice in the Studio Park, also there is a lovely Cars Ride and Aladdin Ride ride there which the little ones will love. Definetly get the ES straight to the resort. If your not booked into a Disney Resort you can either leave your luggage at the left luggage place at the station or theres a place near the gates where you can leave your luggage. The food is very very expensive and is nearly all chicken nuggets and burgers!

I can recommend this book. 6628&sr=8-1

Marthasmama Tue 13-Jan-09 09:05:18

We stayed outside the resort and got the shuttle into the resort each morning. This was much cheaper than staying in the park and not too much hassle. We missed the bus one night and the walk back wasn't too bad. Our little boy was 2.5 at the time. There is nothing but junk food on site but there is a collection of places to eat near the entrance is you want something more substantial. We stayed for three days and I think I would have been bored if we stayed longer. We took the train and it was a nice hassle free jounrey. I have no idea how much money we spent, but think it was probably a small fortune blush. We loved it so much we're going to go back once our new LO is 2.

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