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Surrey to Scotland

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sykes Thu 31-Mar-05 10:37:22

We normally fly but are driving this time. Any ideas where to stop for breakfast/lunch? Would love a nice country pub somewhere not too far from the motorway. I guess around the Yorkshire area? Needs to be child-friendly. Thanks.

sunnyskies Thu 31-Mar-05 18:06:50

We usually stop (although not driven north for a while) at a service station on M6 - think its near Keele - don't tend to head off motorway much once we get going! sorry

alicatsg Thu 31-Mar-05 18:08:20

theres a GOOD service station area at the top of the M6 just before you reach the scottish bit. actually edible food, space for kids to play etc. Westmoreland I think? n

LGJ Thu 31-Mar-05 18:15:52

This is just quite literally ten minutes from the A1 and well worth a visit. They quite literally queue down the street on a Friday to buy takeaway.

Fish and Chips

LGJ Thu 31-Mar-05 18:24:03

The Crab and Lobster at Asenby used to be really good, but quick look at the website confirms that they have gone a bit up themselves.

sykes Thu 31-Mar-05 18:26:15

Thanks very much. Not looking forward to the drive.

LGJ Thu 31-Mar-05 18:32:05

What route are you taking ?

If you are going up the A1

this is great and reasonably priced

But more of an elevenses stop, mind you if you take as long to leave the house as we do you will be there in time for lunch.

The A1 is a great drive, as there are houses and small businessed and the edges of villages to look at, prefer it to the M1 any day.(mind the speed cameras)

sykes Thu 31-Mar-05 22:35:08

Thanks, LG but unfortunately are doing M1 and M6.

LGJ Thu 31-Mar-05 23:01:49

Right Plan B

DH used to do 35,000 miles a year just commuting between Yorkshire and London, will pick his brains.

DH, being as A retentive as only he can be on these matters, wonders if you are going to Glasgow ??

Might be best to give me a rough Surrey starting point, shut all these "boy questions" up

suedonim Fri 01-Apr-05 14:21:29

There's also a nice place just off the m/way on the edge of the Lakes. You'll probably need a stop before that anyway but this is a good place to stretch your legs and have a farmhouse tea and maybe even see the cows being milked!! Low Sizergh Barn

Fimbo Fri 01-Apr-05 14:46:38

this may be of help

suedonim Fri 01-Apr-05 22:28:59

Oh, forgot to say, I wouldn't do the M1/M6. We've taken to using the M40/M6Toll/M6 which avoids all that nasty stuff round B'ham. We use this route quite often - having done Aberdeen to London area four times in last 12mths.

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