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So, DD wants to go to Cornwall to see the dolphins!!!!

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KBear Wed 30-Mar-05 21:37:30

DH has alot to answer for. He has told DD that once, off the coast of Perranporth, he saw a school (?) of dolphins. DD is now begging to go to Cornwall on holiday. Now, the truth is the outlaws used to live in Cornwall and trips there were purgatory but now, with an open mind and with two little people in tow, I admit it might be fun. So, I need some advice on where to go. I want fab beaches, a caravan to hire (an indoor pool would be nice) but not too much hi-de-hi and entertainment cos I likes it quiet!!

Thank you!

joash Wed 30-Mar-05 22:03:39

Try Bude - good beaches, caravan parks - very little hi-de-hi and lovely and quiet (if your idea of quiet included lack of silly arcades, slot machines, yobs, etc - you'll love it).

Theres also a local fun pool have a look at this this
or have a look at this

never stayed in a caravan there, but love the place.

joash Wed 30-Mar-05 22:04:24

Perhaps I should add that its Miles from Perranporth - but we've used Bude as a base and travelled all over Cornwall from there.

joash Wed 30-Mar-05 22:04:50

And one year when we were there in the autumn - we watched dolphins from the beach.

KBear Thu 31-Mar-05 20:54:31

Thanks Joash - pretty good prices in the hols too!

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