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Flying from Heathrow

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charl1975 Wed 30-Mar-05 14:53:28

Hi - I am planning an internal flight from Heathrow T1 with dd ( 6 months ) - just wondering if anyone knew what baby facilities were like and if I will be able to get food and bottle heated

MeerkatsUnite Wed 30-Mar-05 15:39:45


This is what I've found for you re T1:-

Feeding/Changing: Specially equipped rooms for feeding and changing babies are indicated by either a 'bottle' sign or a baby care symbol. Other changing facilities are provided on route to the gaterooms, in the transfer area and after passport control on arrival. There are fold-down tables provided in some male and female toilets.

As for getting food and bottle heated this may be more problematic as there are no facilities on site for you to do this yourself. You may well have to ask one of the staff in the restaurants to oblige.

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