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Carseats on airplanes?

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ponygirl17 Wed 07-Jan-09 17:25:20

Am flying to UK tomorrow with Ryanair - What is the best way to take my booster carseat with a back? I have booked it in, but is it better if I put it in a bag, or leave it out so the handlers know what it is and don't break it in the 1st 5 minutes?

ponygirl17 Wed 07-Jan-09 17:33:15


monkeybumsmum Wed 07-Jan-09 17:49:10

Can you check it in and have it labelled Fragile? I've flown with a carseat before, and we wrapped it in clear plastic and put the fragile labels all over it.


ponygirl17 Wed 07-Jan-09 17:57:01

That does help actually, do not have any labels but could tape in into a large plastic bag, so they can see what it is.

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