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Anybody been to the Il de Re?

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sparklyreindeerdust Sun 04-Jan-09 19:40:55

Thinking of going to the il de Re this May for 10 days with 5yr old and baby 9mnths. Was just wondering if anyone else had done a similar trip and could advise whether it would be suitable for a young family, if there is enough to do on the island for 10days, and if the weather is likely to be good enough in May.

OllieWollieWoo Tue 06-Jan-09 07:57:23

Just seen this - we have only done day trips but would have loved to have stayed for a week. Have tried to find a house (several on owners direct) but seem v pricey but prob reasonable for May. There are lots of things to do esp for young family (amazing beaches and bike rides) but not sure if there is anough if weather is bad and then of course you have to pay for the bridge if you leave the island - but plenty to do inland.

Last year we had a week on the Ile de Orleans which was nice too (no toll for the bridge!) This year will be in the Vendee - which is still within an hours drive to the Ile de Re.

Fab book by Judy Smith on the area (Vendee & Charante Maritime) with lots of up to date suggestions of places to see and visit. Hope that helps

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