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Pants exchange rate - is it stopping you booking your holiday?

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hotpotmama Sat 03-Jan-09 23:01:57

I am a bit nervous about booking this year in case the pound crashes any more against the euro.

Racingsnake Sat 03-Jan-09 23:20:04

Don't know about the future but went to Brussels for a weekend recently and ended up living mainly on sandwiches I had packed for the train. The PRICES!!!

coppertop Sat 03-Jan-09 23:21:10

It must be getting late. I thought this thread was about people exchanging pants...and still clicked on it. blush

Hulababy Sat 03-Jan-09 23:23:16

We have booked to go away to the US in May as it worked our far more reasonable (a lot ceaper infact) than going into Europe.

aGalChangedHerName Sat 03-Jan-09 23:25:25

Booked last year for flights to Cyprus as in-laws have an apartment there.

Will have to save up way more spending money than we thought we'd need probably.

puffling Sat 03-Jan-09 23:30:20

DP has banned holidays to Europe till the pound recovers, whenever that will be. It's South Africa or UK now. I feel like I'm trapped on my island.

hotpotmama Sun 04-Jan-09 00:11:12

coppertop grin

AnyFuckerForAMincePie Sun 04-Jan-09 00:12:52

not stopped us, we are booked for the med as per usual

nothing gets between me and my hols

we go all-inclusive so have a bit of a cushion, however

pinkteddy Sun 04-Jan-09 00:15:11

I must admit we are hesitating. We have usually booked something by now. Wondering whether to consider US as an alternative or even good old blighty!

cornsilk Sun 04-Jan-09 00:15:36

I cancelled my holiday - will holiday in the UK instead this year.

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