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Advice please - Where would meet this criteria?

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Weegle Thu 01-Jan-09 19:44:33

Looking for somewhere to go for DH's 40th NEXT January so plenty of time to plan.

- Warm and sunny but not desperately hot
- Villa/Self-catering accommodation for 4 adults and two toddlers
- Stunning scenery - not city unless a stopover
- Good food
- Cultural interest/something a bit different
- Ideally less than 6 hour flight but would consider more for the right place

To give an idea - our favourite holidays have been Madeira, Lapland and African ones.

I don't know where would meet that in January... but DH seems to be trusting me to find somewhere!

Help please!

inscotland Thu 01-Jan-09 21:13:05

Cape Town? Longish flight but very little time difference. Good food, wine tasting, cultural etc, etc!

Weegle Sat 03-Jan-09 09:04:21

Thank you - yes Cape Town could be an idea... a bit further than I'd hoped but starting to think it can only be long haul?! I've been to CT but DH hasn't and I wonder if he would therefore want it to be a big tour and not sure that's what I'm looking for. Ho hum, looking for the impossible because of the time of year. How warm is Gran Canaria at that time of year? Anywhere off the beaten track?

Any other suggestions gratefully received. Doesn't need to be sunbathe-able just warm enough for t-shirts and maybe a swim.

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