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What's the worst hotel you have ever stayed in?

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ks Mon 28-Mar-05 17:32:12

Message withdrawn

Tinker Mon 28-Mar-05 17:36:07

Have stayed in some pretty dire ones but worst was one in Paris - sticky carpets, damp, sunken mattress and a hole in the floor about a foot square.

moondog Mon 28-Mar-05 17:39:05

Ks..sounds unspeakable.
One must always apply the golden rule of if it aint significantly better than your own home, don't bother.

I've stayed in some pretty grim places when we lived in Russia, but imo there is nothing grimmer than a grim hotel in Britain.
I honestly wonder how some of them make any money. Our expectations must be horribly low.

lol at the Novovirus warning!!

ks Mon 28-Mar-05 17:41:34

Message withdrawn

lou33 Mon 28-Mar-05 18:20:39

Paris in the late 80's early 90's with dp as he was then. Four flights up a dark spiral staircase, toilet 2 floors below, squashed flies and bugs all over the walls, paper thin walls with peeling wallpaper meant you could hear everythin going on on the other rooms. Toilets were so fithy i ended up peeing in the sink in the room instead. Nice view from the window though.

WideWebWitch Mon 28-Mar-05 18:50:35

I stayed in a pretty dire place on business last year but it can't have been as bad as yours sounds Ks. Fancy mentioning novovirus in hotel literature! Amazing! I wrote an email complaining, here's the reply for your amusement, with my comments in bold.

Dear Ms WWW

Thank you for your recent e-mail, sent to our enquiries address, following your recent stay at the Selsdon Park Hotel. First of all, may I thank you for taking the time to write to us. It is only by receiving guest feedback, both good and bad, that we are able to constantly monitor the levels of service and standards offered to our guests. hmm do we think they really are grateful?

If I may respond to your points in the order in which they were raised. sure.

Our Front of House Manager has taken very seriously your comments regarding the attitude and helpfulness of our receptionist when you checked in and would like to convey his apologies. Whilst in no way attempting to excuse poor customer service, he has asked me to explain that our receptionist was under pressure at the time of check in as a colleague a was absent due to sickness. However, he is acutely aware of the need to excel in the level of service offered to our guests and has confirmed that the re-training issues highlighted in your letter will be addressed as a matter of urgency. (Vicky Pollard was the receptionist)

Room xxx
Due to its double aspect and beautiful views, room xxx is a popular choice with returning guests. However, I would concur with your comments that the room is in need of some upgrade and this will be addressed as part of the
overall programme. I can only apologise that your room move was not facilitated a little better; once again, Damien will address this as part of his re-training exercise. it was a hovel of a room! peeling lino in the bathroom and worse

House Bar
It is correct that during the refurbishment, we have had to utilise other areas of the hotel whilst the Phoenix Bar has been out of service. Every effort is made to try and ensure a pleasant environment in which to enjoy a
drink, but would agree that it is difficult to hide that this is only a temporary arrangement. It was a vile function room

Of course, it is unacceptable for a hotel bar not to have xxxx wine available. This is certainly not a situation that would normally occur at the hotel and again, I believe is linked to the temporary bar arrangement.
Although there was some misunderstanding, I am pleased to note that your wine was provided as complimentary. true but only after I objected to being charged £10 a glass just because they didn't have anything else

Electricity Failure
I am informed that the temporary lack of power was due to a fuse blow-out. I absolutely agree that having informed reception of the fault, at the very least, you should have been kept informed as to progress. I can assure you
that this oversight will not reoccur. my colleague was left in a room with NO electricity or lights and they didn't tell her when they'd fixed it. So she sat in the dark for ages!

Ms WWW it is regrettable that I have to admit that our customer service fell far short of our usual standard during your visit. You have
highlighted a number of issues, from which valuable lessons have been learned and for that, I would like to thank you.

As a small gesture of good will, the hotel manager would like to offer you a very preferential rate, on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis should you wish to visit the hotel again as a leisure guest; you would also be offered a complimentary room upgrade, subject to availability. If you would like to arrange a return visit, please contact xxxx on xxxxxxxxxxx, who will be happy to make the necessary arrangements for you. you've got to be joking, I wouldn't go back if you offered me a free room

I trust our comments will go some way towards our restoring our reputation with you and I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to welcome you back to The Selsdon Park Hotel in the near future. er, no, fraid not.*

Kind regards
PA to Chief Executive Officer

CountessDracula Mon 28-Mar-05 19:29:04

The Jarvis in Manchester on Piccadilly

I had to stay there as had last minute business trip in the middle of a heatwave and it was the only room left in Manchester with air con...

OMG how I wished I had stayed in an oven instead.
It was the most repellent dump I have ever set foot in. Everything was peeling, right down to the loo roll holder! I called the manager up, at the time it was touting itself as 4*, so I took him around the room explaning in minute detail all the things in the room that made it less than 1* IMO.

They had no other rooms so I had to stay there but I ended up paying about £10 for the room as it was so awful.

fisil Mon 28-Mar-05 19:35:44

ks, sounds awful!

I had a bad hotel experience in Kuala Lumpur. We had an overnight stop on the flight home from NZ, and as I was 5 months pg I did not want to take a chance, so I booked our room online. When we got there we proudly marched up to the empty reserved rooms desk while everyone else queued at the other desk. By the time we had established that if you type "Kuala Lumpur International Airport" and then the name of the hotel into google that you get some hotel miles away taking your cash, the rest of the passengers were all snuggled up in bed and I was in floods of tears. Meanwhile across the other side of town was a room with a very comfy bed I was paying £100 for to stay empty.

In the end after a couple of hours, dp said "my partner is pg and desperately tired and you will now give us your best room for the lowest rate you can manage. Now. With breakfast" After that it turned into the best hotel ever, and I vowed to always travel with a pillow up my jumper from then on.

snafu Mon 28-Mar-05 19:37:46

LOL www, SPH is at the bottom of my road. It used to be nice many years ago, is all I can say... You should have come to stay with me instead - I only charge a fiver for a glass of wine

Worst place I ever stayed in was The Carlton something or other in NYC. Window blew in on first night, shattering glass all over our suitcase. They moved us to a lovely room, where the toilet overflowed and flooded the entire room with sewage. For the third night, they moved us to a suite (after I appeared at the front desk crying and yelling) which had no bulbs in any of the light fittings. And they couldn't provide a corkscrew for the complimentary bottle of wine. It was a farce.

LIZS Mon 28-Mar-05 19:43:02

A "hotel" in Vienna when we Inter-railled. It was an old building and the room was huge but bare and grubby - didn't fancy walking barefoot on the carpet. There was a shower cubicle in one corner which barely held together, let alone provided a constant stream of water. There were miscellaneous bugs roaming around and breakfast was very stale croissants. Fortunately we only had to survive 2 nights there ! Not all that cheap either as I recall.

We also stayed in a hotel in Paris on that same trip which I'm sure was a brothel ! In the middle of the night there was a key in the lock and door opened, only for the people to hastily usher themselves away again when they realised it was already occupied.

Furball Mon 28-Mar-05 19:55:12

The Belvedere on Skiathos. Really, really grubby rooms, vile disgusting bathrooms/toilets. When I asked what meat was on my plate that evening for dinner, the waiter scootled off and came back and said "We're not sure!" - Thanks, but no thanks. I have been to different Greek islands many, many times and even lived on one for four years and have never seen such a filthy Greek hotel twinned with most unhelpful staff.

logic Mon 28-Mar-05 20:03:20

I'm sorry, these are all awful stories but I can't help laughing and I desperately need cheering up.

Our worst experience was in a hotel in Sorrento. We were dumped by the pre-booked taxi at the bottom of the hill and we had to drag our own luggage up the hotel at the top. Our "double room" turned out to be the size of a small shoebox where the door didn't lock, the toilet and shower were both broken and there were no working lights - at all. After the first night we screamed blue murder and got a room where there were merely holes in the wall looking out into the corridor. Oh and the pool was the other side of a building site. Building work only occurred at night apparently.

WideWebWitch Mon 28-Mar-05 20:33:04

Snafu, it looked great on the website! Wish I had stayed with you instead

giraffeski Mon 28-Mar-05 21:08:09

Message withdrawn

maisystar Mon 28-Mar-05 21:15:41

not a hotel but stayed in a youth hostel in dublin about 7 years ago which was grim beyond belief. there were 3 showers for the whole building which were in the basement 5 floors from us, and you had to walk through the first 2 showers to get to the last one so you had a choice of walking through someone elses shower, or them walking through yours, or not having one. yuck, makes me cringe th think of it. also the damp in the showers was about 3-4 inches deep<sick emoticon>

Cam Mon 28-Mar-05 21:16:39

This is an interesting thread - think the hotels in question should ne named and shamed - better than tripadvisor

bundle Mon 28-Mar-05 21:23:16

once stayed at b&b in stoke on trent (male friend's 30th was held at alton towers..) and because they cocked up on the booking i had to share a room with a male friend in the party i hardly knew and the sink had a crack/hole in it so big they'd put a plastic washing up bowl in it to catch the water...(god knows what was supposed to happen to it then) and there was a fag butt on the floor next to my bed. the dozy landlady didn't even seem bothered when i pointed out these things to her...

RnB Mon 28-Mar-05 21:25:57

Message withdrawn

MeerkatsUnite Tue 29-Mar-05 07:29:56

After an internal flight between LA and San Francisco which still haunts me to this day (note to self - drive up or take the train next time!) we arrived at SF to find the taxi driver (it should have been the rep from Virgin as we were supposed to be met) had to break to us the bad news that there had been a mix up with the booking and therefore we had no room for the first night. Infact all the rooms in SF were occupued as there was a marathon on!.

After much discussion with the Virgin rep (when he finally arrived as he was greeting the international arrivals) who was very apologetic but could not do anything else, we were given the choice between a real dive of a hole north of town and a "parlour room" in the intended hotel. We chose the parlour room as we did not want to carry our suitcases across town the next day (we were offered no help with tranferring the next day either hence our decision). Parlour room was needless to say dire!. It smelt awful, it was noisy and the sofa bed had seen far better days. The only nice thing in the room was DS's bed which was comfy for him.

At least it got sorted out properly the next day and we were given a room. However, no-one to begin (and infact to date) took any responsibility for the mix up and we were in the middle. Pleading with the hotel did nothing either; they said it was Virgin's fault and their booking system was never wrong so no dice!!. We eventually got some compensation from Virgin after we complained to their UK office on our return.

I will never go to that particular hotel in SF again though.

Azure Tue 29-Mar-05 09:17:58

Stayed in a brothel once in Botswana. We didn't realise at first, but got suspicious at the comings and goings in the other rooms (well, huts).

katierocket Tue 29-Mar-05 09:25:39

stayed in a hotel in jamaica that was £1 per night; came complete with rats in the room, giant cockroaches and prostitutes (the latter weren't in our room BTW!)

still, what do you expect for £1 per night

pinotgrigio Wed 25-May-05 10:59:02

Stayed in a filthy tower block hovel - supposedly a 4* all-inclusive in Praia da Rocha in Portugal. The beds for DPs boys were 2 BENCHES, cockroaches galore, cables hanging out of the wall, broken glass in hallways, porn on the tvs in the family room and, the thing that finished me off completely, self-service wine from a pump dispenser in the restaurant. [raging wine snob emoticon].

We stayed one night, booked flights and flew home the next day.

I was also staying in a plush hotel in Times Square when it caught fire. 40 floors up we had a note pushed under the door saying to ignore the billowing smoke coming under the doors and remain in our rooms because they were 'hermetically sealed'. So hermetically sealed that you could get the note under the door eh? Towering Inferno anybody?

expatinscotland Wed 25-May-05 11:00:30

A TravelLodge in Orlando, Florida. If they'd charged all the roaches living there for lodging we'd have been able to stay there for free.

Lizzylou Wed 25-May-05 11:06:14

A supposedly 5 star hotel in Varanasi, India...damp room, rats running between rooms...didn't sleep a wink and was too scared to put my feet on the floor! When we told the receptionist he laughed and the manager just shrugged!

expatinscotland Wed 25-May-05 11:07:25

We had to sleep with the lights on in this hovel, b/c if you turned them off the roaches crawled all over you as you tried to sleep.

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