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Where to go May half term??!!

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andyrobo237 Sun 28-Dec-08 21:24:54

We would like to go somewhere either abroad or in the UK for a week at May half term - with two kids aged 2 and 7 in tow!

Anyone recommend anywhere?

I have checked Center Parcs and Disneyland Paris - and they seem to be around £1000 for 5 days.

Any other suggestions as it is for my birthday (special one with an '0')!!!

Hulababy Sun 28-Dec-08 21:26:31


Likes and dislikes?

We have just booked a week in New York at May half term. The flights and accomodation were coming out cheaper than going to Europe!

andyrobo237 Sun 28-Dec-08 21:28:34

Well budget is Grandmas Inheritance - possibly £1000+ more if for a week rather than Mon to Fri

No major dislikes but NY too far away!!! It wouldnt be fair on the other passengers as DS is a lively toddler!!!

Hulababy Sun 28-Dec-08 21:33:18

To give you a rough guide to our findings - flights to places like teh Algarve and the Canaries, etc were coming out as at least £300+ per person (no discount for children) if travelling from London, many a fair bit more. Accomodation about £1000 a week for a sleeps 7 type place, with a pool. Didn't get as far as car hire costs. Our budget for this holiday was approx £500 per person and we were struggling sadly. We were very suprised at how much it was all coming too.

We don't do hotels, etc so can't help with that.

We are taking a 3y, 6y and 7y ont he flight grin Mind DD has always been fine on long haul, luckily she seems to sleep a lot on plnes.

andyrobo237 Sun 28-Dec-08 21:35:36

Maybe a caravan on the coast somewhere then!!

Why is the May half term more costly than the summer? DS is fair skinned so abroad then will be too hot for him!

Probably will have to go back to the drawing board!!!

Hulababy Sun 28-Dec-08 22:04:36

No ides but we were really suprisede. I guess could be to do with the strong Euro though...I dont knwo about that stuff though much.

chocolatemummy Sun 28-Dec-08 22:09:32

try one of the holiday parks un UK so the dc have something to do and you get a rest
Park Resorts we go to, usually good sites and good standard or accommodation if you go silver or above and loads for kids to do

kslatts Sun 28-Dec-08 22:44:23

If you are looking for somewhere in the UK we have found Parkdean holidays to be very good.

daisybaby Mon 29-Dec-08 17:54:13

What about a lovely cottage in Brittany? I just happen to know of one if you are interested.

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