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checking a booster seat as baggage - wrapped in a bin liner okay??

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mckenzie Mon 22-Dec-08 21:16:25

We're taking the DC's booster seats with us on holiday (as the hire car company wanted to charge us stupid amounts to hire them). We're taking just the bases and one has fitted into a suitcase but the other one is going to have to travel solo smile. Will wrapped in a black bin bag suffice do you know?


smellyeli Mon 22-Dec-08 21:19:49

We wrapped ours in bubble wrap and took it on BA to America (and then never used the blardy thing as the hire car had integral seats in the end....) - they were happy. You can buy bubble wrap in the post office. Have a lovely holiday.

mckenzie Mon 22-Dec-08 21:22:01

thanks smellyeli. Cab picking us up at 4.30am tomorrow so no chance of a trip to the PO smile. Black sack it is then.

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