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International flight just me and ds. Do I need affidavit from spouse?

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mamadadawahwah Thu 24-Mar-05 21:13:02

I have always travelled with my husband but this time travelling alone with my son. Does anyone know if you need to have an affidavit from your partner stating that you have his/her authority to take your child(ren) out of the country? I remember seeing a lone parent quizzed in a line up at customs a year ago. She had to prove she had her partner's authority to take the kids. Its all about child protection, etc.

If you know about this, do you know what you have to do? Do you and partner just go to a solicitor and get an affidavit signed?

Tinker Thu 24-Mar-05 21:14:36

I've flown alone with my daughter quite a few times - never been asked. What about estranged fathers - how would you get one then?

mamadadawahwah Thu 24-Mar-05 21:18:12

Well thats a problem i dont know. Thankfully, i am with my husband and it isnt a problem. Its just that i saw this woman being quizzed. There is a form on the web and a lot of info about this issue out there, but i suppose it only applies to couples who dont have the authority to take their kids out of the country or who have kids subject to a residential/custody order.

I just wouldnt want to be caught out at customs. I have never flown alone before and would hate to be put in that position, having to prove something about my own child.

llkjj Thu 24-Mar-05 21:19:18

You might if you're going to the USA, you do need permission from both parents to get a US passport, for instance.

mamadadawahwah Thu 24-Mar-05 21:22:12

Stopped going to USA after they asked for fingerprints. They can stuff it, and their country!

Mind you U.K. wont be far behind in that regard.

LeahE Thu 24-Mar-05 21:54:08

Although DH says the US immigration staff are far nicer now. They put their energy into playing with the new fingerprint machine rather than being deliberately rude and obstructive to innocent tourists. So it's an ill wind, etc...

dangirl Thu 24-Mar-05 22:17:24

Have travelled alone with my daughter many times. Only in Europe though. It has never been a problem in the slightest.

irishbird Thu 24-Mar-05 22:21:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

linnet Thu 24-Mar-05 22:27:30

Where are you going to?
If I were you I'd take a letter from your Dh just to be on the safe side. Chances are you probably won't need it but I'd err on the side of caution and have one ready to produce just incase they ask.

When we went to Canada, Dh, dd and myself, I was asked on my way home if I had permission from my childs father to take her out of the country. As it happened Dh was just trailing behind us with the suitcases. They're very big in Canada about making sure that you have permission from the other parent when going into and out of their country. I did wonder what would happen if you said that there wasn't a father in the picture i.e estranged, passed away etc. They'd have to take your word for it I suppose.

mummytosteven Thu 24-Mar-05 22:28:16

same as Tinker - I've flown with DS and my mum twice, noone has batted an eyelid. that was too Switzerland and Netherlands

AussieSim Thu 24-Mar-05 23:08:06

I've flown alone with DS Germany-Spain and back without being questioned. It is a very interesting question though ...

pinotgrigio Thu 24-Mar-05 23:19:51

I've flown 25+ times with DD on my own and never once been questioned. I'm not married to DP though, so maybe the 'Miss' stops any questions.

I'd quite like somebody to ask me if my husband had given me permission to fly with my child though, just so I could see how apoplectic I could get!

suedonim Fri 25-Mar-05 01:13:32

I've flown with dd's on my own, including the US and never been questioned. I did get the third degree over the Xmas puddings I was carrying, though.

expatkat Fri 25-Mar-05 01:20:44

Because my kids don't have my surname, I always carry a copy of their birth certificate to prove that I am the mother. But I've never thought to carry an affadavit. And nor have I ever been questioned, if that reassures you somewhat. I've traveled quite a lot on my own with the kids, too.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 25-Mar-05 08:13:25

Oooh, maybe it's just Canada. Because the kids and I have different surnames, and travel under different passports (as in, I'm on a Canadian one, they're on British), when I've travelled alone with a kid, I've brought a birth certificate and letter - and I've been asked for them at least once. The letter wasn't an affidavit, though, just a letter, not really proof of anything. I guess maybe the fact I reacted calmly to the question kept them from worrying?

I'd take a copy of the birth certificate and a letter if I was doing it again, just to be safe.

skerriesmum Fri 25-Mar-05 08:54:00

Definitely if you're going to Canada, not sure about the US.

SueW Fri 25-Mar-05 09:14:37

I've been quizzed on the way into Canada - and my daughter was also asked if dad had waved goodbye at the airport, when her birthday was etc. SHe wasn't v co-operative though, being only 3yo at the time and on 10pm body clock time!

NotQuiteCockney Fri 25-Mar-05 15:35:45

Weird. I automatically got the letter and birth certificate sorted when I travelled there with DS1 on my own for the first time. DH mocked me for it, I think. He thought it was weird, I thought it was sensible.

Canadians obviously think about this sort of thing more than everyone else, I wonder why?

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