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flic23 Thu 24-Mar-05 15:48:20

thinking of going to oasis whinfell keep getting conflicting advice any ideas?

tiredemma Thu 24-Mar-05 16:05:17

ive heard that the other center parcs are much better and cleaner, there are loads of posts on here about them.
my fave is sherwood, especially the executive accom

dyzzidi Thu 24-Mar-05 16:26:26

I have been to Oasis for New Year we had two rooms as there was 12 of us adults. We thought it was brilliant. The only thing was as we go to a centreparcs every year was that the outside pool was not as good there as at other places.

Considering that was the only complaint it was money well spent. All amenities we used were good restaurants, reasonable you must try the pub across the lake thingy. Also nice italian!

I can't comment on going with a familly but most other people there had kids and seemed to be getting on ok.

Centreparcs room standards are pretty much the same whicever one you go to , full equipped kitchen, clean and tidy etc. (apart from one in france which was furnished like a prison but that was a few years ago now)

I would go again and preferred it to the one in suffolk.

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