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We are thinking about Disney next year, your advice & opinions please.

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saythatagain Tue 16-Dec-08 14:23:38

There will be 3 of us (dd aged 5 by then). We are thinking about staying 'on site' at one of the moderately priced resorts for 2 weeks. Can you give me some reviews of which one is the best from an overall point of view. Thanks

saythatagain Tue 16-Dec-08 15:18:14


kslatts Tue 16-Dec-08 15:40:45

Do you mean Disney World in Florida?

We stayed on international drive, we are intending to go back in 2010 and next time will stay in a villa, but that is only because we will be going with BIL and his family. If we were to go again just the 4 of us we would probably opt for a cheap disney hotel.

The parks are fantastic, there is so much to do, we went for 2 weeks and had a great time.

Some of our favourite things were:

The Pirate Show - it's not part of disney, but located just off international drive, DH got pulled up to be a pirate and the dcs also got involved in the show, the tickets were quite expensive but a meal was included.

Discovery Cove - you can book to swim with dolphins, but I'm not sure of the min. age, dd1 was 6 when we went and dd2 was 4, dd2 wasn't old enough but there is still lots for younger children to do, dd2 loved the stingrays.

Disney Fireworks - make sutre you stay for the fireworks at least once, they are amazing.

We ended up spending more overall than we thought we would but it was an amazing holiday, we went in 2006 and the dcs still mention it a lot.

saythatagain Tue 16-Dec-08 15:50:18

Yes, Disney Florida - as it's our first visit we are erring on the side of staying within the complex (?)
We've been browsing the Caribbean Beach Resort etc but I'm really hoping that I can get some straight forward/ first hand reviews. Shoot from the hip please!

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