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BMI Baby - I don't understand this about baggage

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hotpotmama Mon 15-Dec-08 22:09:34

Am having a thick moment. I was looking at flights and it says £7.99 per bag per one way flight. So I put in one bag and it comes up £25.96??? for a return flight. That's not £7.99 * 2?

So was looking at the baggage terms and also don't understand this bit either (ok have had a very hard day blush)

"The total Checked Baggage allowance is 20kgs* per person irrespective to the number of bags taken. Passengers travelling together on the same booking reservation, who have individually purchased bags, can pool their baggage weight allowance up to the equivalent of 20kgs* per passenger. Once this limit is reached then standard overweight charges will apply."

Does it mean we can pay for just two bags and stick 40kg in each one (ie. 20kg each for 4 of us) - although that would be heavy.

??????? Maybe its just me and its late......

fifisboys Tue 16-Dec-08 09:03:51

It means can have 20kg each...but that could be just in one case or split over say 3 bags, as long as it doesnt go over 20kg for that one person...But if there are 2 of you travelling your bag might be 10kg but the other persons can be 30kg, as long as it still equates to 20kg each....does that make sense or have i confused you even more????? grin

hotpotmama Tue 16-Dec-08 13:55:08

So can we just pay for 2 or 3 bags but put 80kg in them?

And still dont understand the web price for bags.

Thanks for replying fifisboys smile

fifisboys Tue 16-Dec-08 22:11:10

Dont know about the web prices for the bags, sorry.

Oh and you can have more than i think its 32kg in each bag for health and safety reasons.

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