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Travelling to Ireland at 32 weeks pregnant

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Pamina3 Wed 23-Mar-05 12:50:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MissGalway Wed 23-Mar-05 13:06:39

Can't help with your question but just wanted to say have a fab time in Galway. I wish I was there now.

ja9 Wed 23-Mar-05 13:14:53

if anything happens can you not just drive north of the border and be treated under nhs? galway isn't too far south of border..i dont think...

MissGalway Wed 23-Mar-05 13:18:12

About 3 hours.

bundle Wed 23-Mar-05 13:23:29

do take your notes with you, i did to san francisco when 27 weeks

MissGalway Wed 23-Mar-05 13:29:29

No need to worry about having to travel north of the border anyway. Galway university hospital have a fantastic maternity wing. Had my two babies there. A trip to A&E costs €55 in Ireland.

Pamina3 Wed 23-Mar-05 14:49:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chipmonkey Wed 23-Mar-05 15:14:31

E111 shouldd cover everything you need. In an emergency, travelling 3 hrs north of the border wouldn't be ideal! pamina3, is it Cong you're going to?

Pamina3 Wed 23-Mar-05 15:23:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chipmonkey Wed 23-Mar-05 15:25:06

Not from there but its close to Connemara, sounds more like MissGalway country! should be beautiful.

Pamina3 Wed 23-Mar-05 15:27:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pabla Wed 23-Mar-05 15:30:42

I've never had any problem getting medical treatment when on holidays in Ireland. From what I remember, they didn't even ask to see the E111 but I had to fill out a form. I went once when i was in the middle of a miscarriage (family wedding I didn't want to miss), had to go for a blood test to confirm it was a miscarriage rather than ectopic, and got excellent care. If you do have any pregnancy related problems you are probably best going directly to a maternity unit rather than a gp.

Pamina3 Wed 23-Mar-05 15:35:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hermykne Wed 23-Mar-05 15:38:29

pAMINA have as much documentation aspossible, what with all the immigrants arriving in ireland, recent law prohibited them arriving in week 38/39, to give birth, there is more pressure on public maternity wards than before so i would nearly contact Galway University Hospital and find out the necessities, knock airport i think is closer to cong, will check on map,
in general hospitals in ireland are under pressure in all departments, so for your own reassurance i would contact.
in ireland private healthcare (bupa or vhi)is used mostly for births, its not like the NHS, you have to pay for every visit to a doctor anything from £25- 40stg and it doesnt matter how less well off you are you have to pay, unless you have a medical card which a very small minority have, not even children.

pabla Wed 23-Mar-05 15:38:43

Thanks pamina - I went on to have two (more) babies and it was v. early so all in the past now.

pabla Wed 23-Mar-05 15:42:05

But hermykne you don't have to pay to see a gp if you are normally living in the uk (unless you specifically go private) or at least you didn't the last time I went to a gp there.

MissGalway Wed 23-Mar-05 15:43:26

Hermykne - where are you from?

Lucky you staying in Ashford. It is fabulous there. I have had dinner in it. Its located in Connemara and if you get a chance take a spin out around the lakes near there as it is very picturesque.

hermykne Wed 23-Mar-05 15:51:11

dundalk, missgalway
are you a galwegian? or a county girl?

pabla you coul be right, i am not 100%, but iwouldnt put it past the system in ireland

MissGalway Wed 23-Mar-05 16:13:44

Hermykne - I am a bit of both.

Pabla I am not sure that you don't have to pay for a doctor here. Surely we could all use the ploy then that we are not resident and not pay the exhorbitant fees we have to just to see a doctor. I have never heard of going "private" to a doctors here. You either have a medical card or you don't and the vast majority don't.

chipmonkey Thu 24-Mar-05 10:47:48

I think Pabla means if you have the E111 form, then you don't have to pay the GP. This would show that your were resident in the UK. And you don't need private heatlhcar to have a baby. Some of my friends go public, others go private. If you are private your consultant attends the birth but Pamina is only going to go to hospital in case of an emergency. In all likelihood she won't need our health services. And Ashford Castle!!!!! To die for, Pamina!

Pamina3 Thu 24-Mar-05 10:50:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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