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Brittany, Wales or Isle of Wight!!!!

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fairy Tue 22-Mar-05 23:29:06


Can anyone help?

I have my MIL on my back about trying to find a holiday for our family, 4 adults and 2 children (6 and 3) for this summer, last week June and then July onwards.
She wants to go on a holiday where the kids can walk to the beach every day, but is based in a self catering cottage. She wants to go to Brittany, Wales or Isle of Wight, I don't know! I need help, everywhere I look now is booked up.

So if anyone has any helpful advice I would be very grateful

fairy Wed 23-Mar-05 13:01:47

Any ideas? She is hassling me again today

Marina Wed 23-Mar-05 13:07:20

Well, off the top of my head, you are more likely to find a gite in France vacant at that time, but the seaside ones are substantially more expensive. Try the Gites de France website.
Brittany is lovely, so is the island, have not visited Wales but hear it is too. So you have three good choices there - not that this is much help.

HandbagAddiction Wed 23-Mar-05 13:09:19

We're going to Britany at the end of June for week, self catering and 100m from the beach.

Think the web address I'm posting is actually where we're staying, but you can get to other properties from there. They might have some more available...

fairy Wed 23-Mar-05 13:52:40

Thanks, very much appreciated.... Wales and the Isle of Wight are losing their appeal! Though if anyone has any ideas that would be great!

Thank you

Tinker Wed 23-Mar-05 13:54:41

Try French Connections as well.

Lucycat Wed 23-Mar-05 13:55:18

Were you thinking of north or South Wales?

Lucycat Wed 23-Mar-05 13:59:18

only asking cos if it's the north then some of these look fine. They may have some availiability too!

fairy Wed 23-Mar-05 15:04:41

Thanks Lucycat, we were, well MIL really, looking South, and bottom of the west coast, Pembrokeshire, is that right?

We normally go to Devon or Cornwall, but she wants the kiddies to get to the beach everyday and play, which is good, but I fear I may be braindead by the end of the week!!

Thanks again.

ediemay Wed 23-Mar-05 15:22:34

Pembrokeshire is beautiful at this time of year and the coast is fantastic. If you search for Wales Tourist Board I'm sure there would be some availability. St David's, Fishguard, Newgale and Solva are all gorgeous.

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