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Motorail to south of france?

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pooka Mon 21-Mar-05 20:55:08

We're thinking of travelling to Toulouse by motorail in beginning of July. DD will be nearly 2. Staying in a borrowed house so want to take plenty of luggage and will be 32 weeks pregnant so can't really face flying. Anyone travelled this way? If so, would you reckon a 2 berth couchette would be roomy enough, or should we go for a larger compartment.
Are we mad?
Any comments gratefully received.Thanks

sievehead Wed 23-Mar-05 19:49:06

No you are definitely not mad!!! We did this a year and a half ago when DD1 was nearly 4 and DD2 was nearly 1 - to Narbonne (next stop after Toulouse I think). We had 2 sleeper compartments next to each other so DH was with 1 and I was with the baby. We were promised that a travel cot would fit, but it would not, so we had to make a makeshift cot out of train seat cushions!! Anyway, I absolutely loved it, and the kids slept like logs. It was great to have a hot drink bought to your cabin (this only happens in the sleeper I think) and watch the world go by in the morning. Very exciting. You get breakfast at the arrival station. I have to be honest, I didn't sleep THAT well, but even when I was awake, it was very soothing and cosy. How is your DD at sleeping? Does she sleep in a bed? If she does then at least you won't have to worry about the cot scenario. Not sure if you should go for a bigger couchette or what we did (find out how much extra it would be). The compartments are quite cramped!!! If you need any more info, let me know.

FiveAlive Wed 23-Mar-05 20:01:52

We did the Motorail to Nice when DS1 was about 18mo and I was pg with DS2.

We had 2 berths - DH in one, and me with DS in the other. I seem to remember sharing with other people though...something to avoid if you can afford it, but not a disaster if you can't. The couchettes are not like sleepers to Scotland - the 2nd class compartments compartments come with 6 berths, so if you want privacy you have to go first class. There is plenty of space though, and the berths are roomy enough.

A few tips - don't bother getting to the terminal Calais extra early as there is absolutely nothing to do there. Take plenty of food with you as Calais station doesn't have much in the way of catering and it's a bit of a trek from the town (you do have to hang around between abandoning your car and finally getting on the train). If your pregnancy means that you need to eat should you wake up in the night, then make sure you have something in your berth - as you probably will wake up.

Enjoy it - it's fantastic waking up in the South of France, a journey that would otherwise take 2+ days with a toddler in tow.

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