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Fowey Hall in Cornwall

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Milly1968 Mon 21-Mar-05 13:43:06

Have just received a mail shot from the above, and I must say I'm very tempted (apart from the cost!) Has anyone been there recently and would they recommend it? I'd be interested to know what the creche is like, as I have 16 month old twins, as well as a 5 yr old dd, and a holiday with a creche sounds very appealing at the moment!

I noticed in a previous thread that someone said it was better than Moonfleet Manor. As we live in London, Moonfleet would be much easier to get to, so I was just wondering whether Fowey is worth the extra few hours of car travel torture that getting to Cornwall would mean.

If anyone has any advice/comments I'd love to hear from them.

bluesky Mon 21-Mar-05 15:27:35

We loved Fowey and will return. beautiful setting with gorgeous views, see if you can get a seaview room. Ladies in creche were lovely, lots to do, there is a courtyard area too. Very warm pool, our eldest really got to grips with his swimming there because it was so warm. Food gorgeous.

There are Little Chefs on way down to stop off at, or lots of lovely towns, although i think we ended up at Sainsburys restaurant in Okehampton once.

I have also done Moonfleet and Fowey is WAY better in my opinion!

WestCountryLass Tue 22-Mar-05 21:00:17

Gosh, well we had such a horrible holiday there. The creche was OK if a bit basic, the staff were nice but I would imagine your 5 year old might get a bit bored in there to be honest.

The meals were awful. Over seasoned and very pretentious if you ask me.

We found Fowey itself quite quaint but we were bored and went home early. Personally I would choose Dorset over Cornwall any day but thats just my personal opinion.

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