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Anyone been to Sidmouth?

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ks Mon 21-Mar-05 09:44:43

Message withdrawn

bensmum3 Mon 21-Mar-05 14:12:04

Hi, I used to live fairly close, hopefully someone will be able to give you more info than me, but, yes, Sidmouth is mostly populated by the more mature, saying that they host a folk festival for a couple of weeks every year which is great, have a huge beach and are close to other areas of interest, I think as long as you have a car it' a nice place to be.

ks Mon 21-Mar-05 18:53:28

Message withdrawn

sievehead Mon 21-Mar-05 19:55:39

Sidmouth is a lovely place. The beach there is lovely, you can walk round from the town beach to Jacobs Ladder beach when the tide is out. The rockpools are fabulous. Few nice places to sit out and eat if the weather is nice. Riviera hotel has a very nice patio and is reasonable for lunch. We went there with a 4yr old and 2 yr old, and didn't seem too stuffy. Another lovely place is Budleigh Salterton. Very unspoilt, pebble beach, never gets too crowded. Brilliant fish and chip shop there. Need any more info, let me know, as we've been going down that way for years for our hols as my mum and dad have a caravan. When are you going? Where are you staying?

ks Wed 23-Mar-05 08:49:04

Message withdrawn

sievehead Wed 23-Mar-05 14:07:37

Sounds great! There's plenty to do in Sidmouth - just the beach on its own will keep your ds busy. Make sure you get a net for the rock pools. haven't heard of that hotel tbh, but sounds like everything will be laid on for you anyway. Hope the weather is good for you! When are you going? Don't have any other suggestions if you want to stay put in Sidmouth, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It is old fashioned and reasonably unspoilt, the views down the coast are lovely with red rocks. Have a great time. We're going this weekend too, can't wait!

Lonelymum Wed 23-Mar-05 14:26:12

Haven't been for years, but it is a lovely pictureque part of the coast. All I can remember doing (both times I went there, as a child and as an adult) is walking along the cliffs there - beautiful.

An ex-colleague of mine used to go to nearby Beer for his holidays with his kids. He really liked it.

ks Wed 23-Mar-05 15:35:10

Message withdrawn

sievehead Wed 23-Mar-05 16:41:05

Few suggestions if you can drag yourself away from Sidmouth: Take a walk on Woodbury Common (there are loads of car parks along the road that passes through the middle of the common), Visit Powderham Castle which overlooks the Exe Estuary (bit further away tho) really intersting place, visit Topsham a lovely old large village on the estuary with nice restaurants and shops, visit the Diggers Rest pub in Woodbury Salterton, take a boat ride from Exmouth, visit Budleigh Salterton beach (lovely pebbly beach) - need I go on? You're spoilt for choice round there, visit Exeter itself (lovely square by the cathedral). Let me know how you get on and what you think of it down there. If you need any other info, let me know.

LocalFamilyStuffDotCom Mon 10-Oct-11 14:13:42

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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