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Barbados with 6m old, am I mad???

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ludlow Sun 20-Mar-05 20:58:27

Just wondered if anyone has ever been to Caribean with a young baby and was it ok (especially jetlag)?
I am hoping to go on honeymoon v soon and would like any tips or comments. thanks

swedishmum Sun 20-Mar-05 23:29:30

Hi took DD to Bahamas last year at 4.5months - absolutely no probs except keeping her out of the sun. Tended to go in the pool one of which was heated (!!!!) about 5pm and stay there till cocktails...
I have 4 kids and I would say go for it especially while they are likely to sleep on the plane. DD4 is 14 months and wriggly! No jetlag probs btw. Also did New York at 6 weeks. My tips? If not b/feeding, get a travel sterilizer and make sure it works with local voltage (cat me if you want one - can send one for postage on next trip home in 2 weeks). Buy sunblock suit for baby(Urchin, John Lewis) and if you want candlelit dinners a deux, take a relative!! If it was me, I would have no worries - go for it!

Sponge Thu 24-Mar-05 16:11:12

We took dd to Antigua at 9 months. She was fine, not really any jet lag. We kept her out of the sun all day and took her swimming later in the afternoon with a hat on.
We had a fab time.
We've been to Barbados since and the locals love kids too so she'll be fussed over and you'll have no trouble getting babysitting if you want some time to yourselves.

ludlow Thu 24-Mar-05 21:09:28

Thanks for your replies, have booked my hols and am off in April!!!

Willow2 Fri 25-Mar-05 21:50:45

Sponge, where did you stay in Barbados?

LipstickMum Fri 25-Mar-05 22:15:20

Hi Ludlow,

I took dd to Barbados when she was 5 1/2 months old for 2 weeks. We're familiar with the island so it wasn't difficult on one level i.e. we knew where the supermarket, pharmacy was etc.

Generally it was fine, we hardly went to the beach though, only for early morning or late afternoon walks. We tended to stay around the hotel pool, mush easier as it was right outside our room and was a lovely setting.

Dd was stil bf-ing and on some solids and had only just started to sleep through the night before we left. I don't remember having many broken nights while we were there.

Definitely take a mosquito net for the cot.

Have a lovely time, where are you going?

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